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Reception Blog 2019-20


What an incredible start to the year!

The children have settled into Reception brilliantly. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and outdoor area. The children have been very busy during play and learn so far; making models, writing birthday cards and mixing their own creations in the mud kitchen.

This week the children have also enjoyed investigating Wild Space. For those children who have used it before, they were finding out what has changed over the summer and for the children who were going for the first time they got to explore the area. The children thoroughly enjoyed their PE lesson, working together in their teams to be the quickest!


The children have enjoyed talking to the class about their families and special times they have together this week. They have begun to use their sounds they have learnt in phonics within their writing, we are so proud of their mark making! Some children have also used the clipboards outside to draw pictures of their families and used their phonics to label who they were.

Outside we have enjoyed using the sand pit this week. We have explored using the different resources available, finding out how the sand wheel’s work, scooping with the diggers and making sand castles.   


We started this week with a special visit to All Saints Elm Church for our Harvest Festival. We were all superstars singing our ‘Wheels on the Tractor’ song. Thank you for all your kind donations. 

We have been busy having lots of fun learning about Harvest and the change in season. We enjoyed exploring our Autumn themed tuff spot, using mathematical language to talk about the size and position of the objects.  We have also started looking at the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. Outside some children got creative making their own clay hedgehogs.


This week the children have continued looking at the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. They have enjoyed making up actions to help them retell the story alongside our class story map and using the role-play masks to act out the story. They then had a go at sounding out and writing the characters or about their favourite part.

During Wild Space this week, the children enjoyed collecting objects that showed the change in season. They also collected some leaves to use in their own magical masterpieces back in the classroom.

Outside this week the children have had lots of fun using the blocks, planks, tyres and crates to construct see-saws, boats, cars, aeroplanes and obstacle courses.

The children have had a fantastic first half term at school, they should feel very proud of themselves. Thank you for all your support this term, we hope you all have a restful holiday.


We went into our outdoor area on Monday to find we had had a visitor during the holidays and they had left something behind! We followed the footprints but couldn’t find who they belonged to. We have lots of ideas of who it could have been! Then later in the week they started to crack, we were so excited to find some dinosaurs!  

During Wild Space this week we had lots of fun using our pumpkins from our autumn topic to make some bird feeders. The children worked hard to scoop out the contents of the pumpkins, find sticks to put in them and fill them with seeds, before we hung them up for the birds to use. We can’t wait to see next week if they have had any visitors.

We have also been busy learning about Diwali this week. We have made cards for our friends and enjoyed lots of creative activities to help us celebrate.


This week the children have been thinking about Fireworks. We talked about why we have them and how to keep safe when we go to watch. We have enjoyed a variety of creative activities this week; including chalk pictures, bonfire collages and marble rolling fireworks.

We have been busy in maths this week finding one more and one less than a given number. The children used the fireworks on the night sky to count practically to help them. We have also been busy practising counting and ordering numbers.


At the beginning of this week the children discussed Remembrance, why it is important and the significance of poppies. We observed a 2 minute silence and the children had the opportunity to make their own poppies.

This week we have continued to explore dinosaurs. Some of the baby dinosaurs had become trapped in ice! We had lots of different ideas of how we could free them; including the sun, warm water and we even tested to find out what would happen when we added salt ~ it melted the ice even quicker when mixed with the warm water!

We also continued to develop our writing, by using the vocabulary we explored previously, in writing simple captions about dinosaurs. We have been using Fred fingers to help us hear the sounds in words to help us write them.