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Reception Blog 2019-20


What an incredible start to the year!

The children have settled into Reception brilliantly. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and outdoor area. The children have been very busy during play and learn so far; making models, writing birthday cards and mixing their own creations in the mud kitchen.

This week the children have also enjoyed investigating Wild Space. For those children who have used it before, they were finding out what has changed over the summer and for the children who were going for the first time they got to explore the area. The children thoroughly enjoyed their PE lesson, working together in their teams to be the quickest!


The children have enjoyed talking to the class about their families and special times they have together this week. They have begun to use their sounds they have learnt in phonics within their writing, we are so proud of their mark making! Some children have also used the clipboards outside to draw pictures of their families and used their phonics to label who they were.

Outside we have enjoyed using the sand pit this week. We have explored using the different resources available, finding out how the sand wheel’s work, scooping with the diggers and making sand castles.   


We started this week with a special visit to All Saints Elm Church for our Harvest Festival. We were all superstars singing our ‘Wheels on the Tractor’ song. Thank you for all your kind donations. 

We have been busy having lots of fun learning about Harvest and the change in season. We enjoyed exploring our Autumn themed tuff spot, using mathematical language to talk about the size and position of the objects.  We have also started looking at the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. Outside some children got creative making their own clay hedgehogs.


This week the children have continued looking at the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. They have enjoyed making up actions to help them retell the story alongside our class story map and using the role-play masks to act out the story. They then had a go at sounding out and writing the characters or about their favourite part.

During Wild Space this week, the children enjoyed collecting objects that showed the change in season. They also collected some leaves to use in their own magical masterpieces back in the classroom.

Outside this week the children have had lots of fun using the blocks, planks, tyres and crates to construct see-saws, boats, cars, aeroplanes and obstacle courses.

The children have had a fantastic first half term at school, they should feel very proud of themselves. Thank you for all your support this term, we hope you all have a restful holiday.


We went into our outdoor area on Monday to find we had had a visitor during the holidays and they had left something behind! We followed the footprints but couldn’t find who they belonged to. We have lots of ideas of who it could have been! Then later in the week they started to crack, we were so excited to find some dinosaurs!  

During Wild Space this week we had lots of fun using our pumpkins from our autumn topic to make some bird feeders. The children worked hard to scoop out the contents of the pumpkins, find sticks to put in them and fill them with seeds, before we hung them up for the birds to use. We can’t wait to see next week if they have had any visitors.

We have also been busy learning about Diwali this week. We have made cards for our friends and enjoyed lots of creative activities to help us celebrate.


This week the children have been thinking about Fireworks. We talked about why we have them and how to keep safe when we go to watch. We have enjoyed a variety of creative activities this week; including chalk pictures, bonfire collages and marble rolling fireworks.

We have been busy in maths this week finding one more and one less than a given number. The children used the fireworks on the night sky to count practically to help them. We have also been busy practising counting and ordering numbers.


At the beginning of this week the children discussed Remembrance, why it is important and the significance of poppies. We observed a 2 minute silence and the children had the opportunity to make their own poppies.

This week we have continued to explore dinosaurs. Some of the baby dinosaurs had become trapped in ice! We had lots of different ideas of how we could free them; including the sun, warm water and we even tested to find out what would happen when we added salt ~ it melted the ice even quicker when mixed with the warm water!

We also continued to develop our writing, by using the vocabulary we explored previously, in writing simple captions about dinosaurs. We have been using Fred fingers to help us hear the sounds in words to help us write them.


The children started the week off with an exciting ‘Atomic Science’ show and then participated in a variety of STEM workshops. These included Space & Stars; Magnificent Minibeasts; Animals; and Medical Mavericks. The children particularly enjoyed finding out about different animals and having the opportunity to hold a meerkat and a stick insect!

The children have also been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week. They have enjoyed taking part in lots of activities such as singing the rhymes; using stick puppets to perform them in the puppet theatre; drawing story maps to help them retell their favourite rhyme; and writing about their favourite rhyme.


This week the children have continued to explore nursery rhymes, participating in lots of creative activities. You will see some of their marvellous masterpieces on display when you come into school for their class assembly on Friday 13th December. We have also been completing a variety of challenges regarding Humpty Dumpty. We thought about what resources in the classroom we could use to build him a wall that he would not fall from and outside we had lots of fun testing different materials to see if they would protect Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he fell!

We have also been busy extending our understanding of 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school, identifying lots of shapes we could see in everyday objects and making our own shape pictures. We then talked about the shapes we had seen and used in our pictures, describing their properties. We also enjoyed playing ‘What am I?’ guessing the 2D shape being described.


We started our Christmas celebrations this week. Our role-play area was transformed into a post-office! We have been busy writing letters and cards to our family, friends and Santa. We have enjoyed weighing the parcels, paying for our post to be delivered and delivering the special items.  

We have been learning about the Nativity story, exploring why it is such an important time of year for Christians. The children have been busy sequencing pictures or creating their own scene from the story to help them talk about what happened.

We have also been very creative this week; painting pictures of Santa and his reindeer, making Christmas trees from straws and blu tac, making Christmas pictures with loose parts, decorating our class Christmas tree and not forgetting practicing our song for our Christmas performance!


When we came in on Monday we noticed there had been a special delivery from Santa! He had sent us two elves to help us in the lead up to Christmas, but we had been warned that they can be mischievous! We came in and they had been playing in the sand, climbing on the Christmas tree and eating the chocolate coins we had been using in maths! They have also been helping us in our learning. We have been using scales to find out how many chocolate coins and marshmallows weigh the same as the elf, to see which she would get more of. We have also been sharing giant snowballs between the elf and his friends.

We had lots of fun during our Christmas dinner, pulling crackers with our friends and talking to a very special guest! We were all superstars in our Christmas performance, being fantastic animals and singing brilliantly!  We hope you enjoyed the performance.

We were also amazing in our class assembly today, we enjoyed showing everyone what we have been learning about this term. We also enjoyed our lesson visit, showing you how we use the provision in the classroom and outside with lots of challenges set by our elves. Thank you very much for coming and all your support.


The children started the new term excited to tell their friends all about their Christmas holidays. It sounded like they all had a great time.

We started our new topic and today our classroom was taken over by lots of different superheroes. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite and writing about who we were and what superpowers we have.

We have been busy completing lots of superhero tasks this week including cracking the secret code, finding one more or one less than a given number to unlock the padlocks and free the superheroes, painting our favourite superhero and we began to use simple sentences to write about our favourite superhero (some of us even wrote booklets about a variety of superheroes)! We have most definitely had a super start to the term!


We started to explore the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra this week. We have been busy sequencing pictures from the story, writing about what happens and also having a go at writing about it independently. We have completed lots of maths activities linked to the story including counting vegetables and estimating how many are trapped.

One of our favourite activities this week, has to be making our very superhero fruit and vegetables. We thoroughly enjoyed selecting the materials we wanted to use and talking about their super powers.

In Wild Space this week, we had lots of fun getting messy to make our own ‘Superhero’ mud faces.


This week we have continued to explore ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra, using vegetables to help us with our maths work. We have used the part-whole model to help us add, counting out each number of vegetables and then how many we had altogether. We have also been practicing our counting with the ‘evil peas’, asking our partner to check to see if we had counted accurately.

We used the iPads this week to draw on ‘2Paint a Picture’ on Purple Mash. The children enjoyed exploring the tools to have a go at drawing their own super vegetables.

Outside this week we have continued to enjoy using the balance bikes. We are improving each time we use them, developing our balance and speed skills.


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have found out all about the celebration and discussed the story of the Zodiac. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating our own Chinese Restaurant in the outdoor area using the wooden blocks and the role-play props. We have explored using chop sticks to pick up a variety of objects, persevering when it was proving quite tricky. We also made some fantastic dragon puppets. We enjoyed tasting some noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers. Some of us even tried the sweet chilli sauce! Our favourite was definitely the prawn crackers, we ate them all!


We came into school on Monday and there was Police tape around our bike shed…one of our bikes had gone missing! We became detectives to see if we could find out who had taken it. There was sand leading from the shed with some footprints. We followed the sand and footprints and then found some black shoes, a Year 6 maths book and a helmet. The clues led us to Year 6’s classroom. We asked the teachers and children if the shoes belonged to them, but they all said no! Mrs Mills wasn’t in class that day and the children thought the shoes were hers. We eventually found her and questioned her about our missing bike. She explained she had borrowed it as she saw us having so much fun. We discussed that she needed to ask next time if she wanted to have a go.

We have enjoyed being detectives this week writing incident reports about what happened with our bike; writing about the clues left behind and how the police help us; exploring our fingerprints using magnifying glasses; playing with the police small world and outside using the wooden blocks to make police cars and jails.

We were all very BRAVE this week. We all had a go on the climbing wall as part of Mental Health Week.


This week we have enjoyed learning more about People Who Help Us. We have thought about various different professions, including Firefighters, Vets, Armed Forces, Lifeguards to name a few.

We have been busy in maths this week. We have practised our adding using the part-whole model to help us. We have also begun to take away, using resources to help us solve the problems practically.

Our PE skills are improving immensely each week. This week, we tried hard to learn how to use the skipping rope in one of our carousel activities.

Lots of us also enjoyed going to our first disco yesterday! 

The children have once again been working incredibly hard this term. We hope you all have a lovely half term holiday.


This week we have had lots of fun celebrating Pancake Day. We explored the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ by Jan Fearnley and followed the steps Mr Wolf took to help us make our own pancakes. On Monday we went to the shop to buy our ingredients. On Tuesday we measured them carefully following a recipe, before Ms Carver cooked them. We then added the topping of our choice and enjoyed eating them all up. They were delicious! We then wrote our own instructions, explaining what we did. We also enjoyed estimating and counting how many times we could flip a pancake in a frying pan in 1 minute. We were really good at it!


This week we have been busy exploring the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have enjoyed retelling the story in a variety of different ways; including role-playing with masks, retelling the story with stick puppets, acting out the story with small world characters, sequencing pictures and writing. Outside we have also enjoyed building our own ‘brick’ houses, using the construction tools to help us ensure our house is “safe and strong” so the big, bad wolf can’t blow it down.

Yesterday we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We talked to our friends about who we were and what we got up to in our stories. We also buddied up with Year 6, enjoying sharing some of our favourite stories.



This week we had a very special delivery…we had some eggs delivered. We kept them warm in the incubator and waited patiently for them to hatch. On Wednesday we came into school and two chicks had arrived! We were so excited, over the day and on Thursday more chicks hatched and we now have nine in total.

We have learnt all about the life cycle of hens and how to look after them. We have explored non-fiction books this week and used what we found to help us write our own about the life cycle of hens. We wrote lots of facts we have learnt over the week and labelled a chick.

In our play and learn we have carried out lots of activities about the chicks, drawing pictures, writing about them, reading about them, making puppets and drawing/writing about them on the iPads. We have also been able to hold them and are looking forward to seeing how they grow next week.


We started this week off by putting on a fabulous class assembly. We showed our families what we have been busy learning about this term and did amazingly under the circumstances.

We continued to learn more about our special guests this week. We noticed that the chicks had started to grow feathers on their wings and they were becoming very noisy! We used the iPads to take photographs or videos of them in their brooder box. We also had another opportunity to hold them. Some of us who stroked them last week were really brave this week and chose to hold them!

We continued to develop our adding skills this week, using the part-whole model and beginning to use number lines to help us solve addition word problems. We also used counters to help us find number bonds to 10 and wrote number sentences to show the additions we found.

In our play and learn this week we were busy creating our own farm shop outside, using the wooden blocks to construct our shop and items to sell. We solved addition challenges, counting out the number of eggs needed in each nest and adding them together to find the total. We also enjoyed writing our own stories on the large whiteboard and in story booklets we made ourselves.


During these difficult times, we have loved hearing from you (via the class email) and seeing photographs of some of the fantastic activities you have been doing at home. It is lovely to hear you have been keeping in contact with your friends; reading and sharing books and baking lots of delicious treats. Many of you have been making the most of the nice weather, playing games and jumping on your trampolines in your gardens. Also busy planting your own seeds, including poached egg flowers and peas, and making bug hotels! We can’t wait to see how your seeds have grown and if you get any visitors in your bug hotels.

We hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

Take care x