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What homework will my child receive?

Homework Information

At Elm C of E, we think that it is important for children to practice what they have learned in class at home to help them to be the best that they can be.  

Here are the expectations for homework in KS1 and 2 -

We expect all pupils to read at home (or be read to) every day.  A record of this is then kept in the child’s reading record book.

We expect pupils to learn a small set of spellings each week. This is best completed in short bursts over the course of the week. The entire breakdown for the year will be provided as an overview but split into weekly sections. A suggested activity to help children use and apply their spellings will also be given. The activity is to support your child's acquisition of knowledge and will be checked by the class teacher but will not be formally marked. The weekly Spelling Checks that will take place every Friday in the Spelling homework log, will be the valuable assessment the teachers will track as well as how children apply these words correctly in their every day writing. The checks will also enable you to track how well your child is doing and support them to correct any misconceptions. 

We expect all pupils to practice recalling their number facts (including number bonds and times tables, division facts) for a few minutes each day.  There may also be short maths tasks sent home to support learning in class. This will supplement the Tackling Tables Challenges completed at school. 

Other Subjects
We expect pupils to learn the information on the Knowledge Organiser sheet which is sent home each half term.  A schedule is provided to show which sections should be learned in each week. Pupils will be tested on this in school and we expect them to know this core information off by heart.
Each child (KS 1 & 2) will have a homework folder. In which there will be a Knowledge Organizer for the current Topic. Any Maths tasks and a Spelling book with an overview of the spellings for your child's age range split into weekly focus spellings and a suggested weekly short burst spelling activity. This will be consistent for all year groups to make is easier for families with multiple children. Homework folders will be given out every Friday and need to be returned the following Thursday. 

At Elm C of E, we believe it is very important for children to know important information off by heart so that it makes learning further information much easier.  This is best done in short bursts each day rather than spending time on long pieces of homework once a week. Short bursts are also easier to fit around busy family schedules.  If you have any further questions about homework please speak to your child’s class teacher.
If your child has special educational needs we will adapt homework to suit them if this is needed. Also, if your child ever receives any homework which you feel is too difficult or it is not clear what to do then please speak to the class teacher. While we do expect children to complete all homework, we do not want this to be a source of anxiety for you or your children.