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Year 1 Blog 2018-19


This week Year One have been adapting the story ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt’ and changing it to ‘We’re going on a Dinosaur hunt’. The children have been creating their own story maps and using these to retell the story with actions.

In History we have been learning about the fossil hunter Mary Anning. The children have been finding out facts about her life and the dinosaurs she discovered. We have been drawing brilliant portraits of Mary Anning for our Topic display in the classroom.  

 In Wild space we tried out Hapa Zome – the Japanese art of leaf printing. We collected petals, leaves and flowers and then printed them on paper by hitting them with a large stick! This meant we had to use fine and gross motor skills as well as expressing our creativity in a new way. 




What a brilliant first week back after half term in Year 1! To celebrate the launch of our new topic, The Great Outdoors Year 1 spent the day learning outside. We started by looking for plants and animals that we could name and completing a scavenger hunt for natural objects. We learnt how to use a compass to find North and then worked out the other directions of South, East and West. In summer, we planted pumpkin seeds and today we harvested some of them. We decided to cut them up to feed to the wild animals in our school grounds. What a busy day!


As the children came into the classroom after playtime today we discovered that we had some meerkat visitors! The meerkats had written us a letter asking for our help to build them a new home in the classroom. Suddenly we realised that we didn’t know much about meerkats! We thought of lots of questions. What do they eat? Where do they prefer to sleep? What climate is best for them? Do they live in hot or cold countries?

The children rose to the challenge and spent the morning researching facts about meerkats in the library and writing down all the facts they had learnt. We will use all the information we found out today to help build the meerkat family an appropriate home in our classroom.


Lots of the children came in this morning asking about our meerkat visitors. After lunch the children went on a nature walk around the playground and field and collected items they felt would be suitable for our meerkat home in the classroom. We were very busy all afternoon building and putting it all together. The children chose branches and sticks for the meerkats to climb and play on and made a super tunnel using building construction and material. We think it looks great! During English the whole class wrote some superb meerkat facts in their books trying hard to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! What a busy week!

This week Year 1 had a visit from Wildlife Corridors - a project we are involved with which is all about improving the biodiversity of school sites to encourage more wildlife into the area. We first did some exploring of our grounds, looking for birds with binoculars and catching bug in pots. Then we made some seed bombs with clay or flour, compost, seeds and water. It was messy work! We then planted the seed bombs by placing them on the ground along the fences. 
As part of our Safety Week we enjoyed a visit from the fire service. We learnt lots about keeping safe and enjoyed finding out all about the fire engine.
This week the children had a busy week with our Christingle performance and our class assembly. The children did amazingly and we were all so proud of how well they did for both performances. Year 1 loved having the parents come in and join us for a Maths lesson after the assembly on Friday. Well done to the parents who joined in with our Count to 100 song - we loved having such a busy classroom and so many parents turn up to work with the children. Thank you so much for your support and the great turn out! 
The children have been fully immersed in our new topic 'Food Glorious Food' during the last two weeks. In English we have made Chocolate Rice Crispy cakes and have been learning how to write instructions for the recipe.  In Art lessons our focus has been the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, we have enjoyed looking at his portraits and discussing how they make us feel. The children cut out fruit and vegetables and designed their own portraits in the same style as Giuseppe's work this week. In Geography we have looked at the question, 'Does chocolate grow on trees?' The children really enjoyed looking through the ebook and discussing this question together - the ebook can be accessed on the Abacus log-in to share together at home.  Thinking about where cacao pods grow and how they are harvested led us to research Brazil and other foods that are grown in this climate. We looked at atlases and found Brazil on a world map. We are excited to discover what else we can learn about Brazil in the upcoming weeks. We are also very excited about tasting some foods from Brazil too! 
The children enjoyed their first golf lesson today in PE. They learnt the correct stance, hand position, how to aim and strike the ball. The level of concentration the children put in to learning this new skill was impressive! 

Welcome back! We are continuing with our topic Food Glorious Food this half term. In English we have been looking at the story Handa’s Surprise. We spent Wednesday morning using our senses to look, feel, smell and taste Mango, Passion Fruit and Avocado from the story. Most of the children enjoyed trying the Mango and came up with adjectives such as, ‘mouth-watering, juicy and refreshing’. We even had the simile: ‘The mango is yellow and red like a sunset.’  

The Avocado was not as popular, many of the children described it as, ‘sticky, slimy and disgusting.’

Year 1 are beginning to learn about the Easter story. We had a picture clue hunt in the hall to find out about the key events of the story. We then matched the pictures to a sentence and sequenced them to begin to answer our Big Question of the term: Why is Easter important to Christians? 
This week is British Science Week. To celebrate we spent the morning exploring lots of different science equipment. We made circuits, made a skeleton, sorted animals into the correct habitats and put tuning forks into a pot of water as well as many other exciting science activities. The children had a wonderful time and amazed us with their scientific curiosity and understanding. 
What a wonderful start to the next term and our new topic ‘The Animal Kingdom’! The first few days of term we have launched into our new topic by learning a story called ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ in English, learning about insects in Science and bug hunting in Wild Space! As well as enjoying our new ‘Reading on Safari’ book corner. 
On Monday Year 1 and Year 3 had a fabulous time on our school trip at Snettisham Farm Park. We fed the baby lambs some of which were only 3 weeks old and we fed the goats. We enjoyed a deer safari and had a great time feeding the deer. After a picnic in the sunshine we had some time to play on the park equipment. We saw tortoises and ponies plus baby calves too. We learnt so much about all the farm animals. 
This week the children have had a great time making houses out of straw, sticks and bricks after reading the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. Miss Booth pretended to be the big bad wolf and tried to blow the houses down using a fan!