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Year 3 Blog

This week we have been amazed at the generosity of our parents at Elm. The Sports for Schools day was a great success and good fun. We raised over £1000 part of which will be used to purchase new PE equipment for the school.
Our topic of the Romans is inspiring our creative writing. we are working towards creating our own adventure stories set in Roman times. This week we are focusing on really powerful endings. We have learnt about Roman numerals too. 
We have developed a dance sequence that is based on a theme of machines. It reflects the different ways that machines move. This week we were ready to add the final polish to it.
Welcome to year 3.
It seems hard to believe that we are near to our half term holiday! Magpies have settled well into their new routines in year 3. 
They are being encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings, especially jumpers / cardigans. If parents could ensure that all their PE kit is labelled as well as jumpers/ cardigans and coats, we can return items to their owners. We have a huge collection of clothing in the first aid room, with no names on.
On alternate Fridays they will bring home homework. This should be completed and brought back into school by the Thursday at the latest so it can be marked. There are still spaces at homework club. They have spellings to practice. The read it, say it, write it method is believed to be the most successful for learning spellings. However, try different approaches and see what works best for your individual child.
We will occasionally have homework linked to their topic, which will be of a creative type.
We are looking forward to seeing parents on Wednesday. 
Thank you to all parents who attended the parents evening. It was a very useful and productive afternoon/ evening.
In Magpies class we will be looking at light and the absence of dark as our overarching theme from 5.11.18.  Our theme will be called The Dark Side. Just happens to coincide with Bonfire night, so any great firework pictures would be great for your children to bring in if you happen to be attending a display.
Prior to that we will be completing our study of the Romans. we will be going on our trip to Wisbech Museum on 31st October. Everyone will need to be in school uniform and take a packed lunch. It should be a great day with lots of exciting hands on opportunities for learning. I will post some pictures after the visit.


Wow! What an amazing day we had at the museum! I am sure you have heard lots about it. The children were lucky enough to spend a day with the wonderful, voluntary staff at the museum, three of which were experienced archaeologists. We were excited, thrilled, and enthralled by the programme they offered. Over the day, we gathered information, searched the museum for clues to answer questions, handled artefacts, reconstructed artefacts through drawing, found clues to the past in a dustbin full of rubbish and dug for objects in a mini archaeological dig.

Year 4 mixed with Year 3, which was great for both groups. All the children behaved impeccably, and the staff were eager to invite the children to make a return visit. I hope that the children will be able to encourage you to take them again, since we did not get the chance to look round the whole museum.

In year 3 we are studying light and dark. We are hoping to make a dark tent, 4 metres by 4 metres. We need dark material, if any parents have any they would like to donate that would be wonderful. We also would like to put glow sticks and multi coloured torches in our tent. Do you have any spare ones?
We will be starting our new topic on 05.11.18
Magpies have a dark tent. We only have a torch, mini torch and some glow sticks so far. If anyone has spare coloured lights that would be really helpful. 
We have made a firework display, linked to our study of Guy Fawkes, when it is completed I will post a picture of their work.
As part of our study of the environment, we are looking at nocturnal animals. On Tuesday 13th November we will have an environmental expert visiting our school and year 3 will be learning how to make seed bombs. This could be messy work, so it would be useful if they brought old clothes in that can get muddy. Also, a warm, waterproof coat, in case the weather is cold or wet. 
As a follow up from our exploration of our school environment we had a visit from a PECT environmental educationist today. We had great fun finding different types of trees, looking for birds and bugs. Then we made our own seed bombs that should become a new wild flower area along the line of the hedge next Spring. Plenty of muddy hands-on experiences! 
Just a quick reminder. It is Magpies assembly on Friday. All parents of children in year 3 are most welcome. Following our assembly we will be having our open lesson to which parents are welcome.  This will be a PE session with our sports coach Mr Lester and myself. The children will be playing tag rugby. This will be outside, so as ever the children will need their PE kits including leggings /track suit bottoms and warm tops. Parents won't be able to participate, but I am sure that everyone will thoroughly enjoy watching the skills that the children are learning. Wrap up warm, the forecast is dry but cold.
This week Magpies have been reading the book, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, which links to our topic of the dark side. We have been thinking about ways to overcome our fears and creating a story map based on the story. We also learnt about the blackout during World War 2. We designed posters warning people that they must put up their black outs. We will be following this up with drama based on world war 2.
On Friday we had a tag rugby tournament between the different house teams, with Kestrels. It was a great opportunity for all the children to play competitively and they really enjoyed themselves. It was wonderful to see them all playing as teams, working together and supporting each other.
Thursday was a brilliant day! We went to Coldham Wind Farm and learnt so much. We used lots of different instruments to measure wind speed and wind direction. After that we measured noise with a digital noise meter. We found that children are much noisier than wind turbines! 
During the afternoon, we had a brilliant time making our own scale model wind turbines that generated electricity. We tried 2, 3, 4 and 6 blades on our wind turbines and measured which produced the most electricity. What do you think? The children know. Also, they know why we have 3 blades on a wind turbine. It was a truly educational, hands on experience. 
We have had such a busy week. Christmas preparations are in full swing along with the Christmas nativity production. Magpies have been absolutely amazing, learning their lines and song.
We have been putting our dark area to good use with experiments using mirrors and torches between our other activities.
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas. This term in year 3 our topic is Flint and stones. We are focusing on the Stone Age. As an introduction to this we will be going on a trip to Flag Fen at Peterborough. A lot of our time will be spent outside, so it is important that your children have warm, preferably waterproof, clothing. Also, wellies would be great for outside too, which should be brought in a plastic bag, they will be travelling on the coach in school shoes. We are looking forward to a great day when we will all learn through practical, hands-on experience.
Just a quick reminder that all children will need warm, waterproof clothing for our trip to Flag Fen on Tuesday.
Also, Magpies class are learning football skills on Friday, with our sports coach. If your children have football boots, astro turf boots or trainers they will find these useful. Shin pads would also help protect their shins. However, there is absolutely no need to purchase these items if they do not have them. They will not be playing competitively, they will be learning skills, so they are much less likely to bump into each other. If any children are chosen to play in the inter schools competition in March, we will discuss any necessary kit at the time. Please don't feel you need to purchase specialist kit. They still need shorts, T shirt, warm top and leggings or jogging bottoms.
We will post pictures from Flag Fen following the trip.
We had a great day Flag Fen. We learnt lots about life in the Stone Age. The weather was sunny despite it being January. We came back to school with a collection of clay bowls that we made during the day which were in the style of the bowls used in the Stone Age. 
We all made a wish on the sword that has magical properties, or at least that was what the storyteller told us! 
It was great fun and a brilliant experience.