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Year 3 Blog 2019-2020


Year 3 have had a wonderful week that has been full of enriching learning opportunities.  Following in our theme of national recycling week, Magpies had a recycling workshop where they turned juice cartons into purses. Children were shown a range of up-cycled products including a pencil case made out of sweet wrappers and a newspaper basket.

We have also been doing lots of work on our Roman topic. Children thoroughly enjoyed spreading orange magma into the magma chamber of our volcano on Monday. We were learning about the different parts of Volcanoes. In particular, we talked about Mount Vesuvius which erupted in Pompeii in 79AD and destroyed several Roman settlements! It was messy work.


This week we have been emerging ourselves in all things Volcano! Before we embark on our new text ‘Escape in Pompeii’ we have been exploring what life was like in Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted, and the devastation that was left afterwards. Year 3 appear to be a team of budding actors who have thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in their roles! We had farmers working the land, market stall owners encouraging customers and the busy citizens rushing past. From this, the children have produced some wonderful work on character feeling and learnt some fantastic new vocabulary.  


This week we celebrated harvest festival at the church. Thank you to everybody for your generous donations. Year 3 put in lots of hard work and achieved a fantastic performance of their song. We have also been making paper Mache volcanoes – just like Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. The children are super excited to get these painted and ready for eruption!  


Year 3 have been working hard in English this week and have written some fantastic letters about being in Pompeii during the eruption. They have used a range of fronted adverbials, conjunctions and adjectives in their writing.  On Monday, the children carried out some independent research and found out lots of interesting facts about Julius Caesar. On Tuesday afternoon, it was all things science as we examined our experiment that has been stuck to our windows for the past few weeks (the yellow pieces of paper and black shapes you may have seen as you walk past!). We found out about the effects of UV light and then continued our investigation into light and shadow by using shadow puppets to examine the size of shadows. We explored the shadows size when the light source is closer or further away. The children have worked incredibly hard this half term and we wish them all a well-earned break and lovely half term.


What a fabulous first week back Year 3 has had. On Monday afternoon, we took to the field to erupt 29 mini-Mount Vesuvius’s! As you can see from the videos, Year 3 found this very amusing. On Tuesday, we carried on with our fascinating Roman’s topic by learning all about Hadrian’s Wall. The children went on a fact finding mission around the hall to find out all about Hadrian’s Wall – When it was built, why it was built and who it was built by. We even had a go at making our very own walls with natural resources. In English this week, we have been doing lots of role-play ahead of reading out new book ‘Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Egypt’. The book follows the journey of Dorkius, who has been asked by Julius Caesar to travel to Egypt by boat and help get the money back that is owed to Rome. We watched clips of stormy seas and imagined how we would feel for the first time getting onto a Roman boat and travelling to somewhere we had never been before. We were also lucky enough to have some visitors this week who led a morning of orienteering which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

It's been a busy week in Magpies this week! We've been learning all about Boudicca this week and Year 3 took to the field with Mrs Tierney on Wednesday to re-create the battle. In science this week we carried out an investigation into different materials to find out if they were opaque, translucent or transparent. We used the information we found to write a letter to Isaac, who's baby brother was being kept away by too much light coming into his room. Children thoroughly enjoyed being able to inform Isaac that he would need an opaque material such as wood to block out the light. Year 3 have also made a good start to drafting their Roman Mosaic designs in Art.


What a fabulous start to our day today. Year 3 have been working incredibly hard on their school assembly this week. They have been learning lines and practicing their song about the Romans! We are incredibly proud of all of our children. They spoke and sang beautifully in their assembly. We have continued designing our Roman mosaics this week. Children have spent time looking at Roman mosaics and thinking about what is important to them and represents their lives, to include in their own mosaics.


On Monday, Year 3 had a wonderful day as the whole school took part in the ‘Big Bang’ activity day. Year 3 took part in a range of activities including the ‘Atomic Tom show’ in the morning and, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the children got to hold a range of animals. This included an adorable Meerkat called ‘KitKat’. After break they attended a bridge building and medical maverick’s workshop before finishing off the day with a space and stars and magnificent beast’s workshop. It was a fabulous day had by all!


On Monday this week, Year 3 got to share their work with the Year 1’s. We read our fantastic descriptive pieces to the Year 1 children who have been learning all about using adjectives in their writing. It was lovely to see Year 3 working with their peers and sharing their learning. We also spent time perfecting our techniques with powder paint in preparation to paint our Roman mosaics.


What a busy week it has been for Year 3! On Tuesday we spent the day at Peterborough Museum learning about all things Roman! We got to meet Boudicca and a Roman soldier. The children acted as Roman slaves to prepare a meal for a royal feast, collecting ingredients from the market stall, paying for them with Roman money and preparing foods in the kitchen – All under the watchful eye of the paid servants.


Well done Year 3 on a fabulous Christmas production performance this week – we are super proud of all of you. Also a big well done to all our year 3’s who took part in the rock steady concert which was fantastic! It has been a wonderful term and we wish all of our children a brilliant Christmas break.

Year 3 have had a brilliant week, learning lots about their local history topic 'Fantastic Fenland'. We have started exploring our new text 'Flight of the mallard' by Rosemary Hayes and learning all about the impact that draining the land had on fenland. We also thoroughly enjoyed the climbing wall on Thursday as many of us faced our fears! 
Year 3 wrote some excellent persuasive speeches this week, convincing the Fen Dwellers not to drain Fens! We  discussed what a miracle was and if we believed in miracles. We spent time discussing and answering the question  'how did Jesus heal people?'. What an excellent half term full of learning. We wish all our children a fabulous half term. 
Its been a busy first week back! This week we have learnt all about recycling in Fenland. We were excited to find out the role that optical scanners, 'eddy currents' and vibrating machines play at recycling centers near us. We have started investigating our key question in RE; What is 'good' about Good Friday? This led us to some fantastic discussions regarding Jesus and the disciple that betrayed him. We talked about the significance of bread and wine at the last supper and this has led to lots of interesting questions that we will be finding out during the term. 
What a busy week it has been for Year 3! Well done on a fabulous class assembly -  we are incredibly proud of all your hard work so far this term. We were incredibly lucky this week to be joined by author, Steve Skidmore on World Book Day who shared some of his excellent work with us. We also entered an engineering competition. All children created an invention that they would like to see come to life, we had some excellent inventions including outdoor food machines for the homeless and robots that help our parents at home!