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Year 4 Blog 2019 - 20


Today, we had a visit from Rachel representing Anglian Water. She came for the afternoon to teach us about the water cycle which we have been learning about in science. As well as that, we learned a little about the process of purifying water before we can drink it, and cleaning the water when it leaves our homes and schools.


At the moment science is our main focus, and on Monday we reached the best part. We observed the physical effects of the processes we have been learning about – evaporation, condensation and melting. We watched how chocolate, water and wax changed their states of matter from solids to liquids to gases. We had been talking about it for a number of lessons, so it was exciting to see the processes for real in the classroom. 


This week was recycling week. Year 4 did a little bit of up-cycling – using recycling materials to make something new and once again useful. This was done with our visitor on Wednesday. We have been continuing with the theme of recycling and reusing in our water project, making a display to inform the rest of the school about how we use water wisely. 


This week we have been up-levelling our language. We have spent time thinking about the vocabulary we use in English, and making it more interesting for our readers. We have used our own knowledge, the knowledge of our peers and how to use a thesaurus as a tool to help us. Here are some great examples of some of the children’s work.

A big thank you to the children who represented Year 4 in the church on Tuesday. These enthusiastic volunteers made a huge effort to learn their lines at short notice and, I think, gave a great presentation. They spoke clearly, and projected their voices well. It was a lovely story of generosity which was reflected in your kind acts of donations for the Harvest Festival. Many thanks for your support. 
This half term, we are focusing on team work and presenting our work to an audience. This week we have been doing lots of teamwork/team building tasks across the curriculum. In English, we have been working in groups to find interesting vocabulary to use in our poetry. On Wednesday, we had the fabulous opportunity to take part in orienteering activities. In topic, we worked in groups to research information about Africa for our upcoming history about the Egyptians. In the Skills Builder sessions, we have been creating maps/pictures of Elm village. 
We are already seeing improvements in this skill - EXCELLENT WORK YEAR 4!
On Tuesday 5th November, we were represented at a Reading Conference by three of the children from Year 4. We were one of fourteen schools from the Wisbech area to participate. During the day the children met seven authors and learned how to create a story map and how to plan a poem. They learned how the authors started writing and where they get their ideas from.

This week, Year 4 has been working on our class assembly for next week (hope to see you there). We have been trying to create imagery in our minds and the minds of the audience using poetry and music. The poetry is linked to our English and topic work about rivers and the music has helped us with team work, playing musical instruments and recording music using a non-formal method. I anticipate this is going to be a very creative, artistic assembly, judging by the levels of participation and hard work being put in by the children. Well done Year 4!

What a week we have been having in Year 4! On Monday, it was science day. There were hair-raising experiments involving static electricity, robots and the science of sport. I'm sure you heard all about it from the children at the end of the day - I certainly did. 
Throughout the week we have been continuing to work on our poems for Friday's assembly. The children have tried beyond hard, and I am very proud of what they have produced. 
On Wednesday, we had a workshop about bullying. There were lots of interesting discussions, games and drama. It was lots of fun, with a serious message.
I am very happy to announce that the writing of the blog has now been taken over by the children in Year 4. Please enjoy what they have to say about their learning. 


On Friday, our class did an assembly to show what we have learnt in Year 4 so far. Our audience was the school and the parents. Our topic was Water, Water Everywhere. We read our letters and poems out. It was hard to read our things out. As a class we found the presentation enjoyable. No one got bored which is good. We found it very fun.


On the 29th November 2019, Year 4  went on a school trip to Stibbington. We learnt about rivers but mostly the river Nene. We learnt new words we could use in our writing. We all enjoyed going to Stibbington as a school trip.                             


On Friday 6th December 2019, a live performance of a pantomime called Alice in Wonderland came to the school. It was an hour long and well worth our time. There were wonderful, bright costumes and amazing sets. Everyone enjoyed it.


On Monday, Year 4 put together research about Ancient Egypt. There were six categories Mummies, Lifestyle, Pharaohs, Writing, Pyramids and Gods.  We made posters to share information with the other groups.

On Tuesday, we put together the information that our group had learnt and turned it into a presentation, which we gave to the rest of the class. This meant we would have five times more knowledge than from just researching our own project.

Could I remind readers of this blog that it is the responsibility of the Year 4 children to write the blog weekly. They are making a fabulous effort and taking their responsibility very seriously. I am very impressed with their commitment to ensuring it is written on time and consideration as to what all the children enjoy and feel is important to them.


On Tuesday 14th January 2020 we got given recycling homework from Fenland district council. We had to design a poster and match the correct rubbish into the correct bin or box. 

On Wednesday we started dance. We discussed the rules then we did the warm up. We started the dance by weaving in and out of each other in a chain. 


On Wednesday 22nd January 2020, we started the first draft of our newspaper report, about a girl named Lady Agatha Farlington. It was based on a book named The Abominable by Eva Ibbotson. It is a great story. We are learning the process of writing a newspaper report. This first draft will be edited on Thursday and then written as a final display piece on Friday. 

On Tuesday, Year 4 began to look at settlements and how they develop over time. We began our historic journey in the Iron Age. The children decided where to establish their settlement and had to justify why this was the best place. They had some very interesting and well-thought out ideas concerning the types of land and what was growing on them. Some of the groups gave their families farms, barns, livestock and fields. It was all generated by the children and their own prior knowledge of rivers, mountains and history.


On Thursday 6th February, we had a rock climbing wall come in for mental health week because the main aim of mental health week is to ‘Find your Brave’. We each faced our fears some of us got to the top some of us didn’t but we still had fun and tried.



This week we have started our new class reader, which is the excellent story Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. The text is an adaptation of an Anglo-Saxon poem, so we are starting by writing our own poems. It also joins English nicely to our topic for this half term, which is the historical period of the Anglo-Saxons. We are learning a great deal through the text, gaining understanding of the story and history simultaneously. 

We mixed our skills this week when we did research about the Anglo-Saxons and presented our findings to the class. We began by supporting each other in small groups, by reading and discussing our area of study. Then we divided the work, mixing our groups to share the information. Finally, some members of the class presented their work to everyone in Year 4. 


A visitor named Rebecca came and taught Year 4 about a Jewish festival called Passover. Rebecca shared Bible stories with us about Moses. The food that we tried were eggs, rocket, parsley, radish, apple and honey and a flat bread called Matzo. We ordered the 10 plagues set upon the Egyptians by God.  Each group put them in the order that they thought was the worst to the ones that weren’t so bad and they could cope with. All of us had lots of fun with Rebecca.