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Year 5 Blog 2018 - 2019

On Tuesday 29th January, Year 5 enjoyed a Greek architecture workshop in the hall. They worked together to create triangles, then pyramids from short wooden poles and elastic bands. They then assembled these into columns and eventually created temple walls before erecting the final building. It was very impressive!
Year 5 have had an amazing start to the new term. We are enjoying our new topic - Champions of Change - and have spent time finding out about Modern day and Ancient Greece.  In English we have been learning the fable of The Ant and The Grasshopper, ready to create our own versions.
In ICT this week, Year 5 have started to use Scratch to create a computer game. Some children tried to give their games an Ancient Greek theme by using characters such as a centaur. Those who have managed to complete their game, enjoyed watching their friends become game testers! We are looking forward to creating more games next week.
04/12/2018 - Making Parachutes
Year 5 have been busy working in teams to design and make a parachute to safely land an egg. They have been exploring air resistance, mass of objects and the pull of gravity.There were some excellent and very creative ideas being suggested and their team skills were exemplary.
Good luck testing them next week.
Mrs Patrick-Brown
04/12/18 - Christingle Making
Year 5 really enjoyed making Christingles ready for their Christingle on 5th December 2018. They all washed their hands immediately before listening to Mrs Miller explain to them what was required to ensure that they made them correctly.
I was very impressed with how sensible and mature they all were, even when tempted with all the delicious sweets and yummy marshmallows.
Well done Year 5.
Mrs Patrick-Brown
28/11/15 - Talk 4 Writing
Kingfisher class have been busy learning and rehearsing their oral story map for a non-chronological report. Ask your son or daughter to show you. I'm sure you will be as impressed as I am at their memory, enthusiasm and performance skills. They may even be able to show you more than one!
Mrs Patrick-Brown
27/11/18 - Tackling our tables
This week, Year 5 have been working on their times tables by spending 10 minutes each day challenging themselves with quick fire rounds of their 1-12 times tables. I have noticed a tremendous difference every day. Each pupil deserves special recognition for increased improvement in their tables. Well done Year 5.
Mrs Patrick-Brown
15/11/18 - Circus Workshop
Year 5 enjoyed taking part in a drama workshop as part of Kindness week. They mimed different circus skills and learnt about how we all have different talents and skills.
We may all be different but the message we received was, we all need to treat each other with respect, regardless of our differences, so that we can function as an effective team.
14/11/2018 - What was it that landed on our school playing field?
This morning, pupils were shocked after a UFO appeared to have crashed into the playing field.

The crash site was marked off while an apparent forensic scientist took samples from behind a police cordon.

Both children and teachers were excited by the scene of the crash and the school morning revolved around discussions as to what could have happened.  Year 5 class then had the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas through drama, discussions and art work this week. By the end of the week, we hope this will inspire the children and support them with their writing of a detailed newspaper report.


13/11/2018 - The Eve of War
In drama and dance sessions, we have been using our bodies imaginatively to recreate an extract from H.G Wells, 'War of the Worlds' using Jeff Waynes musical adaptation of the book.
Pupils enjoyed reading the extract and exploring the detailed and very descriptive language. In their performances, they worked together to create the planets in the solar system, became scientists with microscopes discovering new micro-organisms and finished re-creating an alien!
Mrs Patrick-Brown
12/11/18 - 16/11/18: Safety week 
As part of safety week, Year 5 were visited by the police and Danielle from Animal Kind.
The police taught us how to keep ourselves safe, both with our bikes and when talking to strangers both in person and on the internet. We found it very informative and exciting.
We all love animals so we particularly enjoyed listening to Danielle from Animal Kind teach us how to look after all the animals on our planet and to ensure their health, safety and well-being!
It was great to see all the children so enthused by our visitors.
Thank you!
Mrs Patrick-Brown
09/11/18 - Year 5 Assembly
Thank you so much to all the parents who joined us this morning. We were really proud of the Year 5 children for the well presented Remembrance assembly. Everyone read very well and members of staff have said that they found it very emotional.
Afterwards we had great fun together designing and making clay aliens to support our topic - Alien Invasion! It was lovely to see all ages working so well together.
07/11/2018 - Creating a model solar system
Year 5 really enjoyed getting messy on Wednesday afternoon making a model solar system out of papier-mache. The students were put into groups and set about the task. Next week, they will paint their planet ready to hang and display in the classroom. Some keen students also made stars. Fantastic effort and  team work! 
Thank you for all your hard work and for additional work some of you have been doing at home. I really love the enthusiasm. 
Mrs Patrick-Brown

31/10/2018 - A crime to remember....


On Wednesday 31st October, Year 5 children arrived in school to face their very own crime scene set up in their classroom.

Year 5 were briefed by Miss Betts at 8.40am who informed them they were to go straight to the hall as the police were currently in their classroom and were making all the evidence safe for the children to explore but that they needed to do so carefully.

The first session of the day was to explore the crime scene, with Mrs PB, Miss Rae and Miss Fishwick adding more clues, detail and information to the crime. The police had emailed and telephoned the school updating them of their progress throughout the morning. The pupils completed evidence sheets as they went along, excited and enthused throughout.

By mid morning, the pupils had all individually created a headline for their newspaper report and began to take their role as a key witness very seriously. They listed possible questions to ask potential suspects and all enjoyed writing a detailed account of their version of events from the clues left behind. Some of their versions were exceptionally creative and it was clear lots of imagination had been used.

By lunchtime, they had decided on two probable suspects – Mr. Holt and Mr. Boyle.

After lunch, they started to interview the two males. The children all became very excited when Mr. Boyle revealed some key information. Had he revealed to them the answers that they were all looking for?

Eventually both Mr. Holt and Mr. Boyle were found not guilty. Mr. Boyle was indeed trying to alert the police to the intruder who in turn had banged her head, which led to all this madness and mayhem.

A day enjoyed by both staff and students. Thank you Year 5 for an enjoyable and entertaining day!


Mrs Patrick-Brown


We enjoyed manipulating shapes during a problem solving maths session. Our challenge was to create 9 squares with the length sides of 1cm, 4cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 14cm, 15cm and 18cm. We then had to fit them together with no gaps and no overlaps to create a rectangle. Finally we had to record the dimensions of the rectangle. It was quite a challenge but we all managed to complete it using a trial and error process.
Year 5 took part in a very informative workshop all about rocks. They investigated, made observations, discovered the origins of the rocks and sorted and identified different rock types. There were more visitors in school this week - performing a fantastic pantomime - Pinocchio.