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Year 5 Blog 2019 - 2020


This term, Year 5 are fortunate in that they are partaking in weekly ‘Bits and Bytes’ sessions. During these sessions, the children are building on their communication, team work, problem solving, and creative skills. The children formed groups of three or four, and will remain in these teams throughout the sessions.  During the first session, the children worked in their teams to complete several challenges. These challenges tested their ability to communicate and follow instructions. One member of each team was blind folded and had to remove a piece of Jenga from a tower. The remaining team members were instructing their every move. Despite finding this tricky, each team successfully managed this task due to their effective listening and communication skills.

Our topic for this term is Invasions. In English, Year 5 have written to the Prime Minister informing him of the upcoming ‘Alien Invasion’. The children have developed their understanding of persuasive devices, using these effectively when persuading Donald Trump to take action.

During this week, the children discovered the importance of recycling. The children successfully created functional notebooks using recycled paper, cardboard and maps.


Year 5 came into school on Tuesday and made an alarming discovery. Despite writing to Borris Johnson urging him to take immediate action, the aliens did in fact invade. The class enjoyed making observations on their discovery whilst undertaking the role of an astronomer.

We have read Chapter 2 of War of The Worlds and identified the key vocabulary. To support the children in understanding the meaning of these worlds, we played a game of charades during which each child acted out one of the ten key words.

In topic we have been looking at Earthquakes. The class enjoyed creating their own comic strips to represent the causes of Earthquakes.


We began this week exploring how the Harvest Festival is celebrated in different countries around the world. Year 5 were fascinated at the range of different ways that the festival was celebrated across the world. The children worked together in large groups to learn and recite Harvest Festival poems. Their hard work and resilience evidently paid off as they put on a fantastic performance at the church on Tuesday.

In topic this week we have been exploring the cause and effects of Earthquakes. Year 5 were shocked to understand the serious implications caused by Earthquakes. They used their newly acquired knowledge to write fantastic diary entries after getting in the role of an individual who had everything destroyed due to an Earthquake.

In their weekly Bits and Bytes session, the children have been deepening their understanding of themselves and their future. The children completed a questionnaire allowing themselves and their coaches to understand their current planned career path. The children also self-assessed their performance and attitudes towards school and wider life.


The children thoroughly enjoyed creating and delivering a ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch. Building on their understanding of Earthquakes, the children worked in small groups to create a device that will protect individuals during an Earthquake. They then pitched their design to their peers in an attempt to win multiple investments.

On Wednesday afternoon the children participated in a Teams Building session. During the session, they worked in groups of 8 to complete a range of tasks. These tasks required the class to efficiently communicate, retain information and persevere through the challenges faced.

Year 5 have worked incredibly well this half term. I wish them all a safe, enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing them after.


This week we have been identifying and exploring forces. We began by looking at gravity and now understand that it is a force which pulls objects toward the centre of the Earth. Year 5 explored how gravity was discovered and who discovered it. We then undertook the challenge of designing a parachute. We discovered that air resistance was working against gravity. In terms of the parachute, air resistance was slowing down the amount of time taken to reach the ground. We carried out an experiment to see how changing the size of the parachute affects the amount of time it takes to fall to the ground. We discovered that the larger the parachute, the longer it took to fall to the ground as there was greater air resistance.


This week, Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their PE session. We have been working on developing our speaking, listening and communication skills during our Skills Builder sessions as well as our Bits and Bytes sessions. During our PE session the children worked as a team, using their problem solving skills, to complete a range of activities.


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed being Artists this week. As our topic is Invasions, we have been looking at the work of Mark Garlick. The children analysed numerous pieces of work created by Mark, noticing that his work is based around the Solar System. Year 5 were amazed at Mark’s fantastic use of colour. They noticed that he uses similar colours for each piece of work which are carefully blended, causing an impressive effect. The children selected elements of his work that they liked, and began sketching them in their books. During the next few sessions, the children will be building on their skills as artists in order to create a piece of Art in the style of Mark Garlick. 


Year 5 have had a fun packed week! They spent Monday having a whole day of science activities. This was a fantastic experience for them to become Scientists and expand their scientific knowledge through practical exploration. As Mathematicians, Year 5 were exploring roman numerals. They recorded their birthdays in roman numerals before getting into age order.   The class also completed an Anti-Bullying workshop. They explored how bullying can occur in certain situations and how these can be solved.


In Kingfisher class we have had another exciting week. As our topic this term is Invasions, on Tuesday we visited the National Space Centre. We discovered the six galleries, including the iconic Rocket Tower and the UK’s largest domed planetarium, crammed full of space suits, rockets, satellites and meteorites. We walked through a mock-up of the Columbus Module from the International Space Station. We then watched an immersive full dome show celebrating the Apollo Space programme. We took a seat in the UK's largest Planetarium to see this brand-new show. The Space Oddities gallery showcased some hidden treasures. The unusual objects on display here revealed some of the less well known stories in space history. There was an interactive touch-table which enabled us to explore objects in greater detail. During our Alien Evolution workshop, we explored how animals have evolved over time. We explored the conditions of numerous planets to explore which planets, if any, could be home to other life forms. Using this information, we designed our own aliens.


This week, half of Year 5 completed their bike ability training. They worked incredibly hard, following the instructor’s instructions to safely complete the tasks set. The rest of the class were artists and created their piece of art in the style of Mark Garlick. Their blending skills had evidently improved, and they used the oil paint effectively.


We have had a very busy time in Kingfisher class this week. The Rock Steady group put on an amazing show that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We then put on a fantastic Christmas Performance, which was enjoyed by staff, children and parents/guardians alike. The many rehearsals and hard work evidently paid off!


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their Bits and Bytes session this week. In these sessions, they have been exploring global warming and natural disasters. The children completed an interactive quiz on these topics. Year 5 were very shocked to discover that if we do not take responsibility for global warming, many parts of Fenland will be under water in the near future.  

In Maths, we have been learning about area and perimeter. Year 5 completed an interactive lesson outside using their newly acquired knowledge. During the game of ‘Area and Perimeter Dominoes’, the children had to calculate the area or perimeter of the shape on their card. They then had to communicate with their peers to identify the person who had the answer to their calculation on their card.


As authors, we are writing to entertain. As part of this, we are looking at narratives. Year 5 have been reading Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. In small groups, the children carefully studied a key extract from this novel. They then became actors, acting out their extract to the rest of the class.

In Year 5 this week we have been Historians. The children researched how child labour in factories was impacted by the introduction of the Factory Act. The children then wrote a diary entry from the viewpoint of a child who had been impacted by this change. 


Kingfisher class thoroughly enjoyed their Bits and Bytes sessions this week. Over the past few weeks, they have been learning about global warming and its impact on certain countries. Each group was given a country to research. In small groups, the children summarised the information that they found and put it into a slide show which they presented to a group. During this task the children have worked exceptionally hard as a team. Their speaking, listening and communication skills have improved as well as their confidence.


As part of our mental health week, Kingfisher class had the opportunity to participate in a Rock Climbing Activity. I am delighted to be able to say that each individual, despite many feeling incredibly terrified, faced their fears and participated. Despite this, each individual thoroughly enjoyed this activity. In addition to this, the class have been working on their presenting skills once again in their Bits and Bytes sessions. It has been a pleasure to watch the children grow in confidence when presenting to a class, which can be incredibly overwhelming. I am so proud for of each individual for facing their fears!


As scientists, this week we have been investigating how light travels. We now know that light travels in a straight line, however sometimes retracts. Each proud member of Kingfisher class has successfully completed their Bits and Bytes programme and received their certificates which they are incredibly proud of. As musicians, we have been looking at the song ‘Fresh Prince of Bell Air’. I would like to wish each member of the class a safe, enjoyable half term break.


In Kingfisher class this week we have been looking at E-Safety and Cyber Bullying. We have discussed the different types of cyber bullying and how they often occur. We have had many discussions around how to keep ourselves safe from the numerous dangers whilst online such as identify fraud and bullying. The children created posters advising people how to stay safe whilst online.