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How do we teach Phonics?

At Elm C of E, we use the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme across the school. Read Write Inc. is a phonics programme, for 4 to 7 year olds learning to read and write. Children are placed into homogenous reading ability sets and then learn various phonemes (segments of sound) and the corresponding grapheme i.e. how that sound is written. Sounds are divided into 3 sets. In Reception children will learn Set 1 sounds and some Set 2 sounds; in Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1), children will secure Set 2 sounds and learn new Set 3 sounds.

The programme involves specific terminology which your child may talk about when they come home:

• Fred the Frog: Fred the Frog is a frog which is used as a vehicle to help the children blend sounds. Children learn pure sounds first but then need to learn to blend sounds together so that they can read a word. Fred can only read pure sounds, so the children help Fred by blending the sounds so that they can help him to read a whole word!

E.g. c -a - t sounds out as cat. ‘c- a- sh’ has three sounds which make the word ‘cash’.

• Green Words -  these are words which can be read phonetically

• Red Words – these are words which cannot be read phonetically.

How can you help?

In the Autumn term, we hold parent workshops so that you have a better understanding of the scheme and learn how you can help your child to read. In the meanwhile you can read more about our Phonics programme by accessing the link below. On this page there are some great clips including a clip of how to say the pure sounds.