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Elm C of E Primary School

Religious Education

Albert Einstein, 'Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.'

Religious education is important because like every other subject, it provides a particular set of materials through which pupils come to understand important things about the world, and themselves.

It is the study of religion and beliefs and it stands in the curriculum as a set of ideas and practices which have shaped and continue to shape our world. The business of religious education is an exploration of the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life.

As in any other curriculum areas there are concepts and ideas underpinning the subject. The word religion has its roots in the Latin ‘to bind’, and it is the sacred texts, practices, literature, stories, art and practices that bind communities within a tradition together. The subject includes theology namely the discussion of the divine, philosophy and the human or social sciences and it is through working with these lenses, the subject secures its rigour.

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