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Elm C of E Primary School

The ‘Purpose for Writing’ Approach

At Elm C of E Primary School we have a ‘Purpose for Writing’ approach. Rather than trying to teach children ten or more different genres or text types (which can actually be used for a variety of purposes), our approach focusses on what those different types have in common: the purpose for writing.  All writing will be connected to topic to develop an enriched curriculum.

The four purposes to write being taught across KS1 and KS2 are:

  •         to entertain
  •         to inform
  •         to persuade
  •         to discuss 

What text types should be taught with each purpose?

To the right is an overview of the different texts types and Grammar sequence that can be taught with each purpose. It is set out in phases to show progression throughout the school. It is expected that two main outcomes are chosen for each half terms purpose e.g. Year 2 in AU1 may focus on ‘write to entertain’ and write a story and piece of poetry. This means that at the end of one half term, pupils will have completed two pieces of writing. There will also be a requirement for pupils to publish their finished pieces.


Please continue to read our Elm C of E 'Purpose for Writing Policy' below: