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Elm C of E Primary School


Week commencing 16th May

Pre - School have enjoyed learning about safari and endangered animals this week and took part in a safari animal cosmic yoga on YouTube. The children have also enjoyed watching a couple of our butterflies coming out of their cocoons and opening up their wings.

Week commencing 9th May

Pre - School have enjoyed learning about woodland animals this week and creating their own clay hedgehogs using lollypop sticks to create spikes on their backs. They have also enjoyed creating woodland pictures with leaves, twigs and flowers they found in the Pre - School garden.

Weeks commencing 18th and 25th April

Pre- School have enjoyed watching the tapoles grow from frog tiny frogs spawn to very busy active tadpoles! We also now have some caterpillars which we will watch the process of them changing from caterpillars to butterflies as part of our growing and changing topic.

Pre-School also visited Church farm and all of the children and parents had a fantastic day. The children returned to Pre-School and were all very excited to talk about all the different animals they had seen.

Weeks commencing 21st and 28th March

Pre - School have enjoyed planting different seeds in our growing and changing topic and this week have been learning about babies and how they grow. We challenged the children to get in a line of height order from the smallest to the tallest child.

Weeks commencing 21st and 28th February

To finish off from our dinosaur topic we had a dinosaur workshop come into Pre - School and did a fossil hunt and explored some more what each dinosaur eats. This week we have been talking about our new topic Growing and Changing and finding new life. We found some baby newts in our Pre - School pond.

Week commencing 7th February

This week at Pre School we have been learning about fossils and what we may find inside our fossils. We also had a Cat In The Hat snack to go with our book we have been reading this half term.

Week commencing 31st January

This week at Pre School we have enjoyed learning about what dinosaurs eat and trying new foods for snack. We had mini sausages, cucumber and carrot sticks. We also started our new toothbrushing routine by brushing our teeth after we have eaten snack.


Week commencing 10th and 17th January.

Over the past two weeks Pre - School have been learning about dinosaurs and why they are extinct. We did experiments by making volcanoes using fizzy pop and mints to see how a volcano would explode and the lava would come out. The children have also been looking at fossils and have enjoyed using the match and measure dinosaur bones.

Week beginning 29th November.

This week we have been talking about "Local Journeys". The children have revisited their learning about 'Elm' and have told us all about the amenities you can find in Elm. We have also been on our own local journey this week and visited some of those places. We went to the Church, ponds, park and shop! We saw lots of Christmas trees in the church for their christmas tree festival and learnt about the Advent Candles. We also saw lots of colourful stain glass windows. We also had a little bit of time to play at the park before we came back to preschool.

Week beginning 22nd November 

This week the children have been looking at transport that we use today. We have talked about the type of journeys we go on now as opposed to in the past and the kinds of transport we use to do them. We have explored planes, trains, buses, boats and cars and talked about times that we have used them and where we went. We have used sorting mats to seperate the types of transport into land, air and water. 

Week beginning 15th November 

This week we have been looking at Steam Trains and Horse and carts as part of our Journeys and Transport topic. We have watched videos of how all the old transport used to work and people using them as well as building our own types of transport using the large wooden blocks! We have also learnt about maps this week and how they help us find where we are going. We have created some of our own too!

Week beginning 8th November 

This week we started our brand new topic about Journeys and looking at transport from the past. A lovely man brought in his very old police car for us to see and it had a VERY loud horn! We have also started looking at our new Core text for the half term, We're going on a bear hunt!

Week beginning 1st November

This week we have been talking a lot about Harvest and Fireworks. The children have created firework pictures using paints and chalks and we talked about Firework safety. We have explored pumpkins and done lots of different things with them, pumpkin soup, cake and a pumpkin smash session in the wild space! We are also focusing on the book 'We're going on a bear hunt' and have used puppets and ourselves to act out the story.

Weeks Beginning 11th and 18th of October

The children have been looking at their local area, where they live and places/buildings that are familiar to us. The children recognise that they live in Elm and are able to list the shop, park, pond, church and post office as places in their local area. We have also talked individually to the children about their routes to school and which of these things they see. The children have made models of some of these buildings and drawn some lovely pictures.  

 Week beginning 27th September

The children have been enjoying using our new shop which was delivered at the beginning of term. They have been role playing as shop keepers and using the money and food to buy and sell.

2021-22: Autumn Term


Week Beginning: 25.06.21

This week at preschool we have been talking about going on holiday on an aeroplane and where we have been. Lots of people have been to hot beaches! We used foam planes outside to throw down a runway to see how far they got!

Week Beginning: 18.06.21

This week at Preschool we have been talking about camping. Mrs Jo Smith brought in her teepee for the children to explore. They have enjoyed looking at books and having snacks inside the teepee. We had planned to have hot chocolate and marshmallows in the Forest School this week but as the weather was so lovely we had milkshakes and biscuits instead.


Week Beginning: 11.06.21

This week at Pre School the children  been enjoying the nice weather, this seemed to prompt lots of talking of days out and going to the beach. We have had lots of activities set up out side which link to going to the beach and we even made our own ice cream parlour!! We have also been talking about keeping safe in the sun.

Week Beginning: 20.5.2021

This week Pre-School have enjoyed listening to the story 'the very silly sheep' and looking at different farm animals. The children enjoyed learning and talking about the names of the baby animals. Alongside learning about farm animals we have been focusing on the children's fine motor skills . They have particularly enjoyed the colour matching game using the tweezers to move the cubes. The pirate ship has also continued to be a favorite activity outside and this week the children found an x marked in the mud! On Friday as the weather was windy and cold we made some decorations to hang from the tree to blow in the wind and we had the soft play equipment inside the Pre-School.

Week Beginning: 14.05.2021 

This week Pre-School have enjoyed a range of activities linked to the book 'Big Red Barn' by Margaret Wise. We have spoken all about what life is like on the farm and the animals that live their. They also began planting their own sunflower seeds. On Wednesday afternoon, we visited forest school. The children spent time listening to how we keep safe in forest school and specifically how we help each to keep safe. It was lovely to see so many children asking each other for help when moving logs to different area to build with and playing on the rope swings together. We are also very lucky this week to have had the delivery on our new pirate ship and mud kitchen. The children were very excited to see this and have spent lots of time outside this week, making pirate hats, patches and treasure maps. 



Week Beginning: 07.05.2021

This week Pre-School have been reading, 'Percy the Park Keeper, After the Storm'. They have been thinking all about the different habitats that animals live in. We looked at a range of different habitats and put the animals back into the habitats they live in. We also explored the outdoor jungle and played with the animals in our small world area. The children even started creating their own habitats using junk modelling resources. After the children found an unexpected visiting spider inside last week, there were lots of conversations about the different types of spiders and what these look like. This week, Mrs Smith brought in the malts from her own pet Tarantula, Boris. The children were very excited to learn all about Boris and described him as "big" and "hairy". 


Week Beginning: 30.04.2021 

This week Pre-School have been exploring a wonderful book called, 'What pet should I get?' By Dr Seuss. The children have completed lots of wonderful activities within provision, including a counting activity to feed some very hungry pet's different amounts of treats! They have been taking their pets to our veterinary practice, been both shopkeeper and the customer at the pet shop and even taken a trip to our water tray, grooming station. With the brighter weather, we have also been spending lots of time in the outdoor area which we have all thoroughly enjoyed this week.

Week Beginning: 23.04.2021

We have had another very busy week in Pre-School. This week, we shared a lovely book together called 'Owl Babies'. We thought about what different birds eat and where they might live. We made our own bird feeders using apple, lard and bird seed and then helped each other collect sticks, of all shapes and sizes, to make our own bird nests. 


Week Beginning: 16.04.2021

What a wonderful first week back! This week Pre-School have started exploring a new topic, 'All things great and small'. The children have enjoyed listening to the book, 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and using story sequence pictures to put the story in the correct order. They have been hole punching little caterpillar bite marks through the fruit to help the hungry caterpillar eat his way through all the delicious foods. With the warmer weather this week, it has been even better exploring our outdoor area for all things great and small. We have also had some new children join us this week who have been super stars and settled in very well. 

 The child were hungry caterpillars this week and ate their way through lots of delicious fruit!
2020-21: Summer Term