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Elm C of E Primary School


Week Commencing 8th May 2023 

Last week the children were busy with the job of washing and keeping the babies all nice and clean - they were all given sponges and done an amazing job at keeping them clean. With our current topic being animals and their babies, we decided we wanted to make paper plate animals, which is exactly what we did. All children had a go and made their very own animals that they were all proud of - with a mixture of horses, cows, pigs and even unicorns. Later on in the week the children carried out a few activities based around 'National Smile Month'. The children enjoyed cleaning of the germs from the teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Last week we introduced 'free - flow', this is where we have both indoor and outdoor provision open at the same time throughout the day. I am pleased to say that this is working really well and is having a positive impact on learning and development in all children :) 




Week Commencing 1st May 2023

Throughout this week we have been learning all about and celebrating the King's Coronation, that will be taking place this weekend. We have been super busy making flags, buntings and crowns. We've been making 'Royal cupcakes' with cinnamon play dough and decorating them with Union Jack flags. All the children became Kings and Queens for the week with our very own throne for them to sit upon. Towards the end of the week, the children experienced their own Royal Tea Party, with fruit and several treats to enjoy, whilst enjoying their Tea Party they listened to the National Anthem. 




Week Commencing 20th March 2023

This week has been a super busy week, we made a start on our teeth cleaning programme. Together, we've been talking about the importance of keeping our teeth clean, when and how to clean our teeth and what happens at the dentist. Not only have we been learning the importance of healthy teeth, we have been exercising on the trampoline - which they children have really enjoyed. We challenged the children to see how high they could jump, with us all cheering them on! As we have now entered the season of spring, the children have been creating their own spring creations, from making playdough flowers to painting their own shaving foam flowers. So, overall we have had a very busy and exciting week at preschool learning lots of new things. 










Week Commencing 13th March 2023

This week we have continued our topic of Spring. Using forks we painted our own beautiful flowers. Together, we also planted seeds. The children filled pots with soil, buried a seed then watered them -  Throughout the week we have been observing any changes we may notice. As well as this, we have also been developing our maths skills. We've done this through, Simon Says, board games, colour and shape hunts. This week we have introduced a song of the week, which is '5 little men in a flying saucer' the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning the words and actions to this song and it's lovely to see them all join in. 




Week Commencing 27th February 2023

Our current topic is growing and changing, so we decided to see how tall we are in preschool. Not only have we measured ourselves, we have also measured other objects around the room using tape measures and unifix cubes. This week we've also been gardeners, digging out the vegetable patch ready to plant some new seeds. The children have shown an interest in planting seeds, so we decided our book this week is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Together we have read the book, looking at the pictures too, we have a watched a short video of Jack and the Beanstalk and to finish it off we have drawn our very own story map, to help us to retell the story. As we are approaching the season of spring, the children have been keen recreating their own nature pictures using resources from the garden, such as leaves, sticks and grass. World Book Day took place  on the  2nd of  March and it was so lovely to see you all dressed up - you all looked wonderful. 



When moving logs to different area to build with and playing on the rope swings together. We are also very lucky this week to have had the delivery on our new pirate ship and mud kitchen. The children were very excited to see this and have spent lots of time outside this week, making pirate hats, patches and treasure maps.