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Elm C of E Primary School

Pupil Survey Response Data

Pupil survey Headlines May 2021

  1. 198 Student out of 207 answered the survey from Reception to Y6.
  2. 90.77% of pupil enjoy school all or most of the time
  3. 92.86% of pupils believe Teachers help them to do their best in all or most lessons
  4. 93.4% of pupils feel challenged in all or most of lessons
  5. 94.42% of pupils enjoy learning most or all of the time
  6. 98.98% of children have an adult at school they can talk to if they are worried.
  7. 93.91% of pupils feel that behaviour of other pupils is either always good or good most of the time.
  8. 100% of pupils believe that bullying either doesn’t happen or if it does happen the teachers are really good at resolving it.
  9. 96.45% feel safe all or most of the time at school.
  10. 99.49% of children feel their teachers provide them with information about their next steps.

To see the full analysis please click here: Pupil Survey May 2021