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Elm C of E Primary School


Week Beginning: 16.05.22

This week we have been learning about King John. We talked about who he was and what he did. We role-played being King John and collecting the people's taxes. We all agreed what he did was not fair and it was right for the barons to get him to sign the Magna Carta. We have also been busy thinking about all our new-found knowledge about Kings and Queens in our writing. We picked what we would like to write about, including HM Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family, coronations, royal residences or the Queen’s guard. We put our writing together in a class information book and impressed everyone with what we have learnt. Outside we enjoyed using the large wooden blocks to make our own castle, role-playing being King John, soldiers, Queen Elizabeth II and her corgi’s; and setting up our castle for a royal banquet!





Week Beginning: 09.05.22

This week we have been learning about castles and palaces. We started by looking at some palaces and houses where the Queen and royal family live or stay at around the United Kingdom. We looked at Buckingham Palace and talked about how there is a post office, doctors surgery and even a swimming pool inside! We enjoyed using junk modelling to create some of the royal residences, including Buckingham Palace, Balmoral and St. James’ Palace, looking carefully at pictures of them to help us, such as making sure Buckingham Palace had a balcony for the Queen and the royal family to stand on. We were then so excited to go on the bus to visit Sandringham House. Even with the rainy weather, we were amazing! We explored the gardens, finding out about some of the trees planted and spotting some fish in the lake. We then participated in a Jubilee workshop, where we picked what we would like for the Queen’s picnic, made our own crowns and had a procession through the museum. We got to look at some of the Queen’s presents she has been given over the years, including a mask from Papa New Guinea, a boomerang, a portrait made from pearls and a puffer fish! We then had a guided tour around Sandringham House, where we learnt lots of new things about the Queen including how she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and has 12 Christmas trees! Everyone’s favourite room in the house was the dining room. We also enjoyed drawing our own pictures of Sandringham House, inspired by the artist Lowry.








Week Beginning: 02.05.22

This week we have been learning all about coronations. We talked about what they are and why we have them, before watching some clips of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. We looked at what she wore, King Edward’s chair, Westminster Abbey and the street party celebrations. We linked this to the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations and enjoyed looking at some pictures of the Queen’s coronation in magazines and books. We then got ready for our class bear’s coronation. She needed a crown, sceptre and orb and throne to sit on. The children used junk modelling imaginatively to make each of these creations. We then had a class street-party to celebrate the coronation. The children worked hard to create their own decorations, including flags, bunting and a collaborative class picture; and had lots of fun! We have also been busy in Maths, exploring ‘first, then, now’ stories to help us with our addition. We solved problems, identifying how many we had ‘first’, ‘then’ how many more and how many we have altogether ‘now’. We also challenged ourselves to find the ‘unknown then’ in some problems, using double-sized counters and ten frames to help.




Week Beginning: 25.04.22

To link to our topic this week we explored the fairytale ‘Cinderella’. We started by thinking about the characters in the story and what they are like and talked about using adjectives to describe them, such as kind, helpful and nice to describe Cinderella and mean, horrible and wicked to describe her step-sisters. We sequenced pictures from the story and discussed what happens in the beginning, middle and end, before retelling the story in our own words, through role-play and in our writing. We focused on remembering finger spaces between our words, and begun to use capital letters at the beginning of our sentences and full stops at the end.  We also enjoyed lots of reading and counting activities in provision, including using our phonics skills to ‘fred talk to read the words’ and captions and match them to the pictures.




Week Beginning: 18.04.22

We started our new ‘Kings and Queens’ topic this week. We began by talking about Queen Elizabeth II, who she is and how she became Queen. We then discussed the countries in the commonwealth and looked at the Union Jack flag. We enjoyed collaging and colouring our own, ensuring we got the colours in the right places. We then looked at the Royal Standard flag, and talked about when we might see this at some of the royal residences if the Queen is there at that time. We are excited about our upcoming trip to Sandringham, and enjoyed talking about how the Queen is celebrating her 96th birthday there this week. “We will see this (the Royal Standard flag) at Sandringham today because the Queen is there for her birthday.”  We then worked hard to draw and paint our own portraits of the Queen, which look brilliant!





Reception 2021-22: Summer Term


Week Beginning: 28.03.22

To conclude our ‘Growing and Changing’ topic, we have learnt about how humans grow. We sequenced pictures to show how they change over time, from a baby to adult, and either labelled them or wrote a sentence to describe how we grow. We also looked at photographs of ourselves as babies and talked about how we have changed; including “my hair is longer”, “my feet are bigger”, “my brain has grown” and “I used to sleep a lot!” In Literacy, we continued to explore the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We focused on the beginning, middle and end of the story and retold it in our own words. On Thursday, as part of our Pride of Elm day, we got to have a go at the climbing wall. Lots of us said we were “nervous” before, however once we saw some of our friends having a go, were very brave and started climbing and even got half way up! We then enjoyed completing lots of ‘Easter’ themed Maths activities, including problem solving with Easter eggs; measuring with the Easter Bunny and finding different ways to make 10 using eggs and chicks.





Week Beginning: 21.03.22

This week as part of our ‘Growing and Changing’ topic, we have enjoyed learning about plants. We started by talking about where crops grow; whether it is underground, on top of the ground or on trees/plants. We then discussed what plants need to grow and what might happen if they do not have water or sunlight. We recapped the different parts of our body, and how they help us; before naming the different parts of a plant and learning about what they do to help the plant. We enjoyed creating our own flowers and labelling the different parts. We also wrote about what they need to grow. At Wild Space this week, we had lots of fun planting our own beans, linking to the story Jack and the Beanstalk, and planting sunflowers, wildflower seeds, bulbs and cress. We are watering them daily and are eager to see them start to grow. In Maths this week, we have been busy learning about 3D shapes, in particular a cone, sphere, cylinder and cuboid. We tested these shapes to see if they would roll down a ramp discussing if they had flat or curved faces, and went on a 3D shape hunt around the classroom and outdoor area. We also enjoyed creating our own patterns using anything we could find in the classroom.




Week Beginning: 14.03.22

We have enjoyed learning more about the lifecycle of chickens this week, linking to our topic ‘Growing and Changing’ and also the theme for Science Week ‘Growth’. We were really excited to start our week by getting to hold the chicks. We talked about what they felt like to touch and also what their feet felt like on our hands. We used our phonics skills to help us write about holding them independently. We then used non-fiction books and our new knowledge to write a page each for our own information booklets about the lifecycle. We have also enjoyed other activities linked to our learning including sequencing pictures and making a lifecycle wheel, drawing, painting and collaging pictures of chicks; identifying if they are going to grow into a hen or a rooster by the colour we used to represent their soft, fluffy feathers. We also practiced our addition skills, finding different ways to make 10 using eggs and chicks and recording these as addition number sentences. 




Week Beginning: 07.03.22

In Maths this week we have been developing our addition skills. We enjoyed making our own problems to solve, picking two numbers to combine and using ten frames to help us find the total. We also began to use the part-whole model to combine two groups, using hoops and bean bags outside.  Continuing with our topic ‘Growing and Changing’, we have been focusing on animals this week. We started by looking at the names of some animals as babies then as adults; such as foal and horse; piglet and pig; kitten and cat.  We then listened to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle and discussed how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. We talked about how the caterpillar completely changes once it sheds its skin and is inside its chrysalis. We used our new knowledge to write about this lifecycle and enjoyed creating our own butterflies; trying hard to make their wings symmetrical. We also had a very special delivery on Tuesday and waited patiently for our new arrivals! We are looking forward to finding out more about the lifecycle of chickens and how to look after them next week.





Week Beginning: 28.02.22

This week we have enjoyed exploring the story ‘Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes’ by Jan Fearnley. We followed the steps Mr. Wolf took in the story; writing a list of ingredients, going to the shop to buy them, measuring them out, cooking them and then choosing which topping we would like for them! We also wrote about the story; including labelling the characters, writing a sentence about our favourite part and writing our own version in a story booklet. We enjoyed other pancake themed activities in provision, including adding amounts for toppings using resources such as counters or cubes to help us find the answer; estimating and counting how many times we could flip the pancake in 30 seconds; and reading words on pancakes. We also had lots of fun on World Book Day; sharing our favourite stories with our friends, writing about who we had dressed up as, and reading with Year 2. 





Week Beginning: 21.02.22

We started our new topic ‘Growing and Changing’ this week and began by exploring the seasons. We talked about what we already know and could remember from our previous learning about Autumn. We then discussed the other seasons; what the weather is like and what changes we might see on trees and on the ground. We looked more closely at Spring and what we will see happening over the next month. We also looked at how our local area has changed over time, noticing there are more houses and buildings. In Maths we have been developing our understanding of the numbers 9 and 10. We used the double-sided counters and ten frames to help us find ways to make 9 and then 10. We recorded the different ways we had found as additions, working hard on our number formation. We also sorted pictures depending if they represented 9 or 10 and were confident in ordering numbers 1 to 10. 




Week Beginning: 07.02.22

This week, to conclude our topic 'Space', we have enjoyed finding out about space exploration. We started by learning more about the first manned mission to the Moon in 1969. We recapped what we had previously learnt in our workshop, on Space Day, and talked about how Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went to the Moon in Apollo 11 and watched a video of their landing. We then discussed how machines and robots are now sent to explore planets and looked at the ‘Mars Rover: Perseverance’ and the ‘Mars Helicopter: Ingenuity’. We had lots of fun making our own Ingenuity helicopters using marshmallows! We also enjoyed using our new knowledge to write about space exploration, to the Moon and to Mars. In Maths we have continued to develop a deeper understanding of the numbers 6, 7 and 8, by playing a game of pairs, recognising the number on the picture card and identifying if they match. We have also started to develop our addition skills, by combining two groups. We identified how many space objects there were in the picture and used double sided counters on our ten frames to help us identify how many we had altogether. We then wrote what we had found as additions.






Week Beginning: 31.01.22

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We started by linking back to what we had previously learnt in RE about how people celebrate. We found out that the New Year falls with the first new moon, linking to our Space topic, and it is also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.  We talked about how they prepare and celebrate and explored the Zodiac story, finding out this year is the 'Year of the Tiger'.  We used our new knowledge and phonics skills to help us with our writing. We enjoyed participating in lots of activities linked to the celebration, in particular making our own dragon puppets. We also enjoyed tasting some of the dishes that they would have in their reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve. In Maths we have continued to explore the number system this week, beginning to look at the numbers 6, 7 and 8 and identifying these numbers in different representations.





Week Beginning: 24.01.22

We have continued to explore our topic, focusing on the stars this week. We talked about what stars are, when we can see them and how they are not little - just very far away. We also discussed how astronomers group stars into galaxies and our galaxy is called the Milky Way. We then looked at constellations and how people look at the stars and tell stories from them. On Wednesday we had so much fun for our Space Day. We enjoyed dressing up and going into the planetarium. We talked about the Earth, the solar system and travelling to space; and impressed everyone with our knowledge and what we already know. The planetarium then went really dark like the night sky, and we could see the different constellations, the moon and Jupiter! In the afternoon we participated in a workshop, where we were on a mission to the moon. We thought about our journey, what we would want to take, what food we would eat and tried some dried apple, just like they would eat at the International Space Station! We sniffed smelling pots to find out what astronauts have said space smells like and enjoyed learning about how craters are formed on the moon’s surface and making our own footprints. We have also been very busy in Maths this week, learning about height and length. We built towers and described their height, if they are taller/shorter; and made our own playdoh snakes to measure using paperclips. We identified which was the longest/shortest and why, talking about if they have more/less paperclips.





Week Beginning: 17.01.22

We have enjoyed continuing to learn more about our topic this week, in particular about the planets in our solar system. We looked at images and talked about how the planets are different – looking at their size, colour and what they are made up of. In Literacy we have begun to explore non-fiction texts, finding out what the features are and spotting these in a range of Space non-fiction texts. We then used what we found in our writing. In Maths we have continued to consolidate our understanding of numbers to 5, and explored how we have a variety of combinations to make a number. We started with combining 2 groups; such as frogs in the pond and on the grass; then extended this to combining 3 groups; such as frogs in the pond, on the grass and on a log. We used a five frame to help us see how many we had altogether.  Our favourite part of the week had to be Art. We explored the artist Jackson Pollock and the type of artwork he is famous for, before creating our own Space inspired ‘drip paintings’. We had lots of fun using the lolly sticks to drip the paint onto the paper to create solar systems and planets.






Week Beginning: 10.01.22

This week we have been exploring the story ‘Whatever Next’ by our author of the term Jill Murphy. After listening and beginning to talk about the story last week, we knew the story really well and enjoyed re-telling it in our own words using props in the tuff spot. We also sequenced pictures in the correct order and retold the story in our own words, using Fred Fingers to hear and write the sounds in the words and beginning to use finger spaces between our words in our sentences. We had lots of fun making new helmets for Baby Bear, thinking about which material to use so that he wouldn’t get wet. We loved testing the helmets to find out if they were waterproof or not! We continued to find out more about our topic and focused this week on astronauts. We talked about Mae Jemison and Tim Peake; discussing what they need when they go into Space, what they use and where they work; exploring the International Space Station. We have also been busy continuing to explore the numbers to 5 this week in Maths; we enjoyed finding one less and explored the number 0.





Week Beginning: 03.01.22

This week we started our new PKC topic ‘Space’. We began by looking at where we live, on Earth. We looked at a globe and discussed what we could see; identifying land, water and, linking to our previous topic, the South Pole (Antarctica). We looked at a variety of photos from around Earth, talking about what geographical features we could spot including mountains, rivers, beaches, and recognised some places we had explored in our previous topic. We talked about how we have day and night, demonstrating using our globe facing towards or away from the sun. We then started to think about astronomers, discussing how Galileo and Herschel used telescopes to find out more, including Saturn had rings and what a comet is. We enjoyed writing about our new knowledge and creating our own stain glass window ‘Earth’s’. In Maths we have recapped weight and using the scales to find out which object is heavier or lighter. We also started to explore capacity identifying full, empty, nearly full/empty and half full/empty; and wrote our own labels to show how much liquid was in each bottle. Outside we had lots of fun in the mud kitchen, playing hopscotch jumping to the number rolled on the dice and with the weather turning very cold, finding lots of ice and watching it melt!





Reception 2021-22: Spring Term


 16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Reception



Week Beginning: 13.12.21

This week we have been very excited about Christmas. We started the week by learning about Christingles before making our own and watching the virtual Christingle service. We have been busy writing lists and letters to Santa, hearing the sounds in the words we wanted to write. We have also been exploring the Nativity story in more detail. We linked our previous RE knowledge to sequencing pictures from the story or creating our own nativity scene in the stable, and labelling or writing about what happened. We have continued to enjoy role-playing in the post-office and participated in other Christmas themed activities in play and learn, including looking through catalogues to create our Christmas wish lists, finding different ways to make 5 using Santa hats and Christmas trees, exploring the story ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs and singing our Christmas song, ‘Ten Little Elves’.




Week Beginning: 06.12.21

On Monday we had a very special delivery…Santa sent two elves to help us with our learning. They have been very cheeky...every morning we found them playing with our toys! We wrote to Santa to tell him what they were up to. They also set us some challenges to help us with our maths work. We learnt how to use the bucket scales. Then the elves wanted to eat their weight in sweets, and they wanted to know if they would eat more chocolate coins or marshmallows. We enjoyed using the scales and spotting when they were ‘balanced’, then finding the difference in chocolate coins and marshmallows. We also had fun using the scales to identify if objects around the classroom were heavy or light and sorted them accordingly. The elves then set us a measuring challenge, to look at objects around the classroom and identify if they were bigger or smaller than the elf. We recorded what we found, drawing the object and using our phonic knowledge to label them. We also had lots of fun painting the elves and writing cards and Christmas lists in our post-office role-play. 




 Week Beginning: 29.11.21

This week we have enjoyed exploring the story ‘Lost and Found’ by our author of the term ‘Oliver Jeffers’. We retold the story in the tuff spot and also at Wild Space, taking it in turns to be the boy and the penguin. We also used the story as inspiration for our writing, independently using our phonic knowledge to hear and write the sounds in words, when writing about a picture from the story. We had lots of fun following the instructions on how to draw a penguin and mixing paint colours to create pictures to represent the different weather the boy and penguin experienced on their journey.  Alongside the story, we also learnt about the explorer Ernest Shackleton. We found out where Antarctica is on the globe and looked at some pictures and information books to find out what it was like there. We discussed Shackleton’s expeditions to the South Pole and what happened to his ship ‘Endurance’. We used our new knowledge to write about Shackleton, using ‘Fred Fingers’ to help us hear and write the sounds in simple words and beginning to write the red tricky word ‘the’. We then thought about our topic, and what type of transport we could use if travelling to and across the South Pole. In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of numbers to 5 through a variety of wintery activities. We particularly enjoyed finding different ways to put 5 buttons on 3 snowmen and posting letters to their corresponding post-box.





Week Beginning: 22.11.21

We started off the week by participating in the Rudolph Run, we enjoyed wearing our reindeer antlers as we walked or ran 10 laps of the playground! This week we have been historians as we continued to explore our transport topic. We started by looking a range of transport pictures, from the past and present. We talked about what they were, where they travel and whether we thought they were old or new, before sorting them accordingly into hoops. We then looked in more detail at trains and how they have changed over time. We found out about George Stevenson; who he was, what he invented and how steam trains work. We then thought about how trains have changed over time due to technology and how some now use electricity, linking to our previous learning about the Bullet Train in Japan. We then enjoyed using junk modelling to create our own vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, fire engines, aeroplanes and trains! In Maths, we have been busy finding out more about the numbers 4 and 5. We used cubes and double-sided counters to find different ways to make these numbers. We have also been finding one more and one less than numbers to 5.




Week Beginning: 15.11.21

This week was World Nursery Rhyme Week. We enjoyed celebrating by singing, performing and writing about our favourite rhymes. In Literacy, we drew story maps to help us retell our favourite rhyme and used these when we performed them to our peers. We also thought about which nursery rhymes include transport, linking to our topic, and picked two of our favourites – ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’. We heard and wrote the sounds when writing the first line of the rhymes. We have loved participating in some challenges this week. The first linked to ‘Humpty Dumpty’, where we had to think about what we could do to protect Humpty Dumpty in, so he wouldn’t break if he fell off another wall. We used a variety of materials, including tissues, fabric, cotton wool and polystyrene; however from the distance he fell from, unfortunately Humpty Dumpty still broke! Our second challenge linked to ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’; where the children could create their own boat and test to see if it could float. We also added some cargo to our boats, linking to our topic thinking about how boats are used to transport goods from one place to another. We all created fantastic boats that stayed afloat! Some of our boats sunk, because they had holes in them, but we fixed them and re-tested them and they floated! Our third and final challenge was for Road Safety Day. We discussed how to keep safe when in the car, crossing a road and when on our bikes. Then we had to make our class bears, Rex and Ruby, safe on the roads. We thought about what they need to wear and what their bikes needed to have to be seen and safe when out. In Maths, we have been exploring the numbers 4 and 5. We have been brilliant at sorting picture representations of the numbers and also starting to think about ways to make 4 and 5, beginning to use a five frame. We also lit the fire for the first time in Wild Space this week, using it to melt some wax to dip the autumn leaves in.






Week Beginning: 08.11.21

This week we have started our new PKC topic ‘Transport’. We talked about what we already knew before finding out more. We looked at a variety of transport toys and discussed what they were, where they travel and how we know; thinking carefully about how they move; for example on land they have wheels, on water they float, in the air they have wings or propellers. We then explored one of each in more detail, talking about the bullet train in Japan, tuk-tuk’s in Thailand and gondolas in Italy. We looked at where Japan, Thailand and Italy are on a map of the world and talked about the transport; how it is different to a train, car/bike and boat we may have seen or know. We also enjoyed using junk modelling to create our own vehicles; making amazing cars, trains and buses to name a few. In Maths this week we have been busy learning about shapes, in particular focusing on circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. We made our own shape pictures and went on a shape hunt around the classroom. We can confidently name the shapes and talk about their properties. 




 Week Beginning: 01.11.21

This week we have enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’, discussing how they prepare and celebrate the festival of light. We used our new knowledge about this celebration in our writing, using our phonics knowledge to help use hear and write the initial sounds, or more, for key words or a simple caption. We were all very eager to make our own clay diya lamps and used coloured rice to make our rangoli patterns. We then enjoyed learning about fireworks, ready for bonfire night, talking about how to keep safe if going to watch a fireworks display. We thought about what sounds fireworks make, and enjoyed writing these independently, then sounding out words to make jigsaw firework words. We also enjoyed using a variety of media to create our own fireworks shapes and pictures. In Maths, we have been exploring the numbers 1, 2 and 3. We developed a deeper understanding of these numbers, being able to spot them in a variety of forms, including number shapes, dots on plates, spots on dice and picture representations.




Week Beginning: 18.10.21

This week we have enjoyed learning more about the season Autumn. We have discussed how the seasons change, how the temperature changes, differences between deciduous and evergreen trees, how the leaves change colour and start to fall from deciduous trees and spotting these in the school grounds. At Wild Space we enjoyed collecting leaves, twigs and other things to make an autumn collage, thinking about what we would find on the floor and on trees. We also collected leaves which we have then used to make collage hedgehogs. We have also enjoyed other creative projects; including making our own scarecrow faces and painting autumnal trees. In Maths we have been learning about size and position. We had a variety of autumnal objects in our tuff spot, where we talked about the size of the objects and ordered them, using the mathematical language ‘big’, ‘medium’ and ‘small’. We also talked about the position of our class bear in relation to the pumpkins; using the vocabulary ‘under’, ‘above’, ‘in front’, ‘behind’ and ‘next to’.




Week Beginning: 11.10.21

This week we have enjoyed exploring the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ as an introduction into Harvest and Autumn. We enjoyed listening to the different versions of the story, talking about which animals were the same and different in the various stories we had in class, and joining in with the repeated phrases “not I” and “I will do it all by myself”. We worked really hard in our Literacy work, hearing initial sounds for the animals and using our phonic knowledge to help us write these sounds. We then had lots of fun making our own bread rolls, just like the little red hen. We worked together to measure out the ingredients, knead the dough, leave it to double in size before baking it in the oven! In the outdoor area this week, we have enjoyed using the large blocks, being very imaginative in creating our own aeroplane, bus and bus station. In Maths we have been learning about patterns and have had lots of fun using the natural objects, loose parts and anything we can find around the classroom, outdoor area and Wild Space to make our own repeating patterns.





Week Beginning: 04.10.21

This week we have been exploring the theme birthdays. We have enjoyed participating in lots of activities to celebrate our class teddies’ birthdays, including making party hats, making balloon decorations, writing labels for presents, cards and invitations! We have really impressed everyone being confident in hearing initial sounds when writing our birthday cards. We also had fun experimenting in the mud kitchen, creating lots of delicious dishes and birthday cakes. In Maths this week, we have been learning about comparing size, amounts and length. Our class teddies had a birthday picnic, and we discussed which teddy had the tallest or shortest tower; most/least amount of picnic food and the longest or shortest ribbon on their balloons.





Week Beginning: 27.09.21

This week we have been learning about families. We have enjoyed sharing pictures of our families with our friends and talking about who is in our family and how we enjoy spending time together. We have also explored the stories ‘My Mum is Fantastic’ and ‘My Dad is Brilliant’ by Nick Butterworth and discussed what our mums and dads do that is fantastic and brilliant. We then wrote about our families, using our phonic knowledge to help us hear and write the sounds, such as 'm' for mum, 'd' for dad, and other initial sounds for other members of our family. We also had lots of fun drawing pictures of our families in frames using a variety of media including felt-tips, oil pastels, paint and loose parts. In the outdoor area this week, we were very excited to use the balance bikes. We used the crates, pipes, cones and a till to create our own ‘Petrol Station’; filling up our bikes and paying for our fuel.





Week Beginning: 20.09.21

This week we have been learning about our community. We have explored what ‘community’ means, discussed who is part of a local community and looked at photographs. We recognised the shop, park, school and church. We then enjoyed drawing our own pictures of places in our local community and created our own maps. We were very excited to go to Forest School for the first time. We enjoyed exploring the environment, playing on the rope swings and sitting in the hammocks. We also had a lot of fun making our own ‘mud paint’ and creating a class picture using natural things we found. We have also been very busy learning our class song and making our stain glass windows for the Harvest Festival next week. 





Week Beginning: 13.09.21

This week we have been continuing to find out about ourselves, in particular learning about our school. We started by thinking about what we are enjoying at school so far and found where our school is on a map. We talked about how we knew it was school by locating things that we recognised; spotting the canopy in our outdoor area, the playground and field. Then we went on a walk around school, talking about the different rooms or places we will use over the year. We were surprised when we went into the hall as the tables from lunch had been packed away! We used the photographs we took on our walk to make our own maps of school. We have been busy showcasing our maths skills – showing which numbers we can recognise, order and count. We were also very excited to go to the school library for the first time and picking a book to take home to share with our families and friends.  





Week Beginning: 06.09.21

We have been amazing at settling into school and have had lots of fun during our morning sessions this week. We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom, having a go at some of the activities out in provision and making lots of new friends during play and learn.
To begin our topic ‘All About Me’, we have started by finding out all about ourselves. First of all we sang the song, ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and talked about the different parts of our bodies, drawing around ourselves and telling our friends and teachers what the different parts are. We then thought about parts that we can’t see, including bones, our brain and the heart. We were very excited to play the game ‘Shaking Surgeon’, using our fine motor skills to carefully remove the different parts with the tweezers without trying to make him shake and enjoyed completing the skeleton puzzles and cutting the pieces out and putting the skeleton back together. We used mirrors to look more closely at our faces and discussed what was the same and different, such as our eyes and hair, as a class. Then we had fun using the mirrors to help us paint and draw our self-portraits.




Reception 2021-22: Autumn Term


Week Beginning: 19.07.21

To start the week we continued to explore our theme ‘Sustainability’ and focused more on recycling. We enjoyed using the iPads to explore Simple City on Mini Mash, in particular the Recycling Centre; where we sorted the rubbish by their materials into the different recycling bins. We listened to the story ‘The Messy Magpie’ and discussed how important it is that we do not litter and make sure we recycle as much as we can. In Maths we recapped adding, using strategies, such as counting on along a number track and using a ten frame, to help us solve the problems. We also enjoyed using the Cuisenaire Rods. We explored the different ways we could make the largest Cuisenaire Rod, using the other lengths. To end the week, the children had so much fun competing in our Sports Day races, taking part in many sprint and egg and spoon races. 





Week Beginning: 12.07.21

We continued to explore plants this week and in provision enjoyed drawing and labelling flowers. We learnt what the different parts of the flower are called and what their job is. We also had lots of fun using the large blocks to create our own garden centre. We then began to explore the theme ‘Sustainability’. We started by reading the story ‘The Lumberjack’s Beard’ by Duncan Beedie, we then discussed how the characters felt when they didn’t have a home anymore and wrote about the story. We wrote about how we can be sustainable and care for our environment. We then had fun recycling plastic bottles and natural materials we found around school, on walks and at home to make bug hotels. To celebrate our last visit to Forest School this year, we enjoyed having hot chocolate and marshmallows around the fire together!




Week Beginning: 05.07.21

This week we have explored the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We discussed how parts of the story may be different where it has been retold many times and we explored the similarities and differences between the stories we had in class. We enjoyed retelling the story in our own words and describing the characters using adjectives and because in our sentences. We made our own props to help us retell the story and we had lots of fun role-playing it to our friends. In Maths we have been continuing to explore numerical patterns. We have been learning about odd and even numbers, finding out how odd numbers cannot be shared out equally between two groups. We have continued to learn all about plants, in particular what they need to grow, and linking to our Literacy work we planted our own beans! We have also started to notice some roots and shoots in our ‘Grow and See’ container!







Week Beginning: 28.06.21

We started to explore ‘Plants and Growing’ as part of our ‘It’s a Wild World’ topic this week. We explored the traditional tale ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and created our own brilliant story maps to help retell the story. We also explored an alternative of the story ‘The Enormous Potato’ and some of us even created our own versions, including ‘The Enormous Carrot’ and ‘The Enormous Onion’. We planted radishes, carrots and spinach in our ‘Grow and See’ container and hopefully over the next few weeks we will begin to see the roots and the vegetables start to grow. We have also been looking at information books, learning about seeds, plants and their life-cycle; and have been weighing different vegetables, using them in our addition and measuring them using non-standard units. In Maths this week we have been learning about measuring. We used non-standard units, such as cubes, gems and paperclips, to measure objects around the classroom. We compared how many objects make one metre and ordered different height beanstalks.





Week Beginning: 21.06.21

On Monday we were so excited to see that our butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides! We found out that their wings had to dry and they needed to rest before they could fly. We linked this back to our previous learning about the chicks, when they needed to be dry and fluffy and rest after hatching out of the egg. At Forest School this week, we started by setting the butterflies free and enjoyed watching them fly off. We then went on minibeast hunts, looking to see what we could find under logs, on trees and in the grass. We were so excited to find a snail and were fascinated watching it come out of its shell and leave its slimy trail on the log! In Maths this week we have used the story ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’ to help us with our problem solving, finding different ways to make 10 feet on the beach. We also practiced counting back on a number track and recording these as subtractions.





Week Beginning: 14.06.21

We returned to school after the weekend to find that our caterpillars had made their chrysalides and we can’t wait to see the butterflies emerge! We have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to look closely at them and looking through the non-fiction books to find out more. In Literacy this week, we have been busy using our reading and writing skills to develop our knowledge of minibeasts. We enjoyed creating our own riddles, writing our own clues for the reader to guess what they are; used the knowledge we learnt to write about minibeasts of our choice; and enjoyed reading and matching sentences to describe minibeasts and playing a loop card game. In Maths we have begun to explore counting back. We had lots of fun in Forest School/Wild Space this week, we wanted to make ‘dens’ and used the trees, fence, sticks and tarpaulin to make them. After the rain, we also discovered lots of minibeasts hiding under the logs. We found slugs, ants, woodlice, millipedes and frogs!






Week Beginning: 07.06.21

To start our new topic ‘It’s a Wild World’, we have begun by exploring minibeasts and on Monday received a special parcel though the post. We have got some caterpillars! We are enjoying watching them grow and moult and are eagerly awaiting them to make their chrysalis and transform into butterflies. To link with our topic we have been looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have enjoyed using the story to enhance our ‘play and learn’ by completing puzzles, making caterpillars and creating ‘number bond to 10 caterpillars’. We also had lots of fun on Tuesday tasting the different fruit in which the caterpillar ate through on each weekday. Not many of us had tried a plum before, and lots of us were surprised that we actually really enjoyed it. “I’ve never had a plum before but I liked it, it was yummy!” We then asked our friends which fruit was their favourite and recorded the results, some of us learning how to use tally marks. We have been continuing to develop our addition skills this week, practicing using the part-whole model and finding doubles, also learning how to count on using a number track.





Week Beginning: 24.05.21

After exploring the story ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson last week, our outdoor area became a circus this week! We had lots of fun walking on the stilts, spinning plates, walking on the ‘tight rope’, carefully manoeuvring through the ‘flaming hoops’ and our favourite, lifting ‘weights’. We also enjoyed having a go at some other activities, such as ‘tin can alley’ and ‘hoopla’. We had our very own ticket office and made signs for the different activities we could enjoy at our circus. In Maths this week, we have been working hard to practice our addition skills, by combining two groups. We have used the part-whole model and ten frame to help use solve the calculations, both in the classroom and outside. We recorded them as addition number sentences and confidently explained our calculations, for example “4 add 3 equals 7”. We particularly enjoyed creating our own calculations outside, rolling the dice to generate numbers to combine/add. We have really enjoyed exploring all the different themes in our ‘What an Adventure’ topic this term; from Space, Antarctica, Pirates, Mermaids and the Circus!





Week Beginning: 17.05.21

This week we have enjoyed continuing with our topic ‘What an Adventure’, by exploring the story ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been working hard to write about the story, retelling it in our own words independently. We started to look at the characters in the story, thinking about what they are like, and thought of lots of brilliant adjectives! We used these in our writing and begun to use ‘because’ in our sentences to describe what they were like. We created lots of fantastic sentences to describe the characters, for example “Sam is greedy because he wants money”; “Annie is kind because she helps the mermaid walk on her hands”; “The seagull is nice because he helps free the mermaid”; “Sam is mean because he tricks the mermaid”. Within our ‘play and learn’ we have continued to enjoy using the pirate treasure when adding, using the part-whole model to help us represent our calculations. We have continued to enjoy being captains and pirates in our role-play outside and had lots of fun making our own pirate ships! We thought carefully about what we wanted our ship to have and then enjoyed testing to see if they would float.




Week Beginning: 10.05.21

This week we have been exploring pirate adventures. We enjoyed sharing some pirate stories, including ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and the Oxford Reading Tree story ‘Pirate Adventure’, and using the adventures in these stories within our play and in our writing. We loved making our very own pirate ship with the wooden blocks and role-playing lots of adventures out at sea; burying the treasure chest in the sand and cleaning the deck! We created our own shape pirates, colourful parrots and paintings in bottles. We have also been busy using pirate treasure to help us in our maths. We have been learning about doubles, halving and sharing. The children were confident in identifying the doubles - ‘3 and 3 makes 6, so double 3 is 6’, ‘5 and 5 makes 10, so double 5 is 10’. We noticed the pattern of doubles when sharing amounts between two, for example ‘4 and 4’ when sharing 8. When halving the golden pirate coins, the children were confident in giving them out 1 by 1 for each pirate, saying to themselves ‘1 for pirate Jack, 1 for pirate Jenny’ in turn, to ensure they were halved equally. 




Week Beginning: 03.05.21   

We have enjoyed participating in a variety of challenges this week linked to the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We started by reading just the first page, where the boy gets an unexpected visitor at his door, a penguin! We found out all about penguins, creating our own information booklets and we used non-standard units to measure different sized penguins. We loved painting pictures of penguins and some of us followed instructions to draw our own. We then continued reading until the boy found out where penguins come from, the South Pole! We found out about Antarctica, what it is like there, what animals are there and what people may do there. We then thought about how the boy and penguin might get there. We had some great imaginative ideas, including boats, planes, helicopters, submarines and rockets! Some of us enjoyed writing about how we would get there, some drew pictures and others created models using junk and construction. At the end of the week, we finished reading the story to find out how the penguin got home, and had lots of fun mixing paint colours and using the musical instruments to represent the weather they experienced on their journey.




Week Beginning: 26.04.21

We have been exploring the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy this week, linked to our topic of Space. After listening and beginning to talk about the story the previous week, we continued to explore it, enjoying re-enacting the story using props and using it within our writing activities. We sequenced pictures in the correct order and retold the story in our own words. We had lots of fun making new helmets for baby bear, thinking about which material to use so that he wouldn’t get wet. We loved testing the helmets to find out if they were waterproof or not! We enjoyed talking about what food or drink we would take with us for a picnic on the moon, thinking about what our favourite snacks are and worked hard to write shopping lists. We have also been busy exploring shapes in maths; continuing to talk about their properties in order to describe them, and being able to match shapes when they are rotated.





Week Beginning: 19.04.21

We have continued to explore Space this week, investigating how craters are formed on the moon. We used flour and cocoa powder as the moon’s surface, then dropped different sized rocks on this to find out what happened. We then tested the rocks from different heights. We found the bigger the rock and the higher the height dropped from, the bigger the crater formed on the surface.
With Spring upon us, we have been busy in our outdoor area this week planting. We have planted sunflowers, wild flowers, turnips and broad beans seeds. We have discussed what plants need to grow and have enjoyed making signs to go alongside the planters, so visitors know what is growing.
We have had a busy maths week, using the part-whole model to help us break the ‘whole’ in a variety of ‘parts’ and talking about what we have found, such as “3 and 4 makes 7”, “6 and 1 makes 7” and “5 and 2 makes 7”. We also enjoyed using the bean bags and hoops outside to find different compositions of 5 or 10; explaining how many were in the hoop and outside. We enjoyed this so much, we even started playing the game during play and learn.



Week Beginning: 12.04.21

To begin our topic 'What an Adventure', we have enjoyed a week learning all about Space. 
We started by exploring the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman, creating our own aliens using playdoh, flying saucers and writing about the story. Next we found out about our solar system and used papier mâché to create planets. On Wednesday we had so much fun dressing up as astronauts and aliens for our Space Day. We learnt about journeys into Space, the International Space Station and even tried eating some food like they would have on their missions. We have also been busy learning about the recent mission to Mars and enjoyed making our own Ingenuity Helicopters using marshmallows!



Reception 2020-21: Summer Term