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Elm C of E Primary School

Values and Ethos

 ‘Nurturing hearts, inspiriting minds…’

Our vision in education at Elm C of E School is to enable the children, young people and community we serve to flourish with Jesus’ promise ‘Life in all its fullness’ at its heart. This fullness involves developing the whole child, academically, physically, socially, spiritually, morally, culturally, and artistically. And using these skills not just for our own benefit but to be champions for justice. Essentially, global education for a fair and sustainable world. Our curriculum is the means by which we engender this development and ensure that our children receive their fair share of the rich cultural inheritance our nation and our world affords. 

Our core values are like golden threads that run throughout our curriculum. And align with the Church of England's vision is for the common good of the whole community. 



Our intention is that through this marriage of Christian values and cultural capital, children are suitably equipped to make sense of the increasingly globalized, complex and rapidly changing world in which they live. That they leave Elm C of E being able to think critically about world issues and to develop an awareness of the impact their own actions can have on others.  Our young people are growing up in a world that is flooded with information, opinions, ‘alternative’ facts and ‘fake’ news. It is, therefore, essential that our learners have access to an education, evidenced in information and ‘real’ news that enables them to engage with, consider and understand global issues. 

Our vision is mapped into a curriculum that builds on the foundation of coverage of the National Curriculum and is designed to challenge, engage and motivate with the ultimate goal that our learners progress academically and become successful, confident individuals, who make a positive contribution to the community and society - both now and in the future. Our curriculum is bespoke to our school and is devised according to the needs of our children, families and local priorities.

At Elm, we want our children to become Global Learners; to be aware of the wider world and its current issues and to understand and respect cultural diversity and differences. To do this, we aim to provide our children with an understanding of how the world works and encourage participation in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global. We teach our children to make the world a more sustainable place and to take responsibility for their actions. We do this by providing learning linked to the Global Development Goals, Young Enterprise and British Values though resources such as Votes for Schools.

By building a strong partnership between home and school, we are able to work together to prepare the children to meet the challenges and opportunities that the future holds.