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Elm C of E Primary School

WB 14.3.22

Year 1 have been looking at the Easter Story in RE. We thought about our emotions during different parts of the story. Linking to The Colour Monster story, we thought carefully about how each colour made us feel. E.g Blue = sad, green = calm, yellow = happy. The children used chalk colours to create a piece of art work showing each emotion. We then wrote a sentence about how we thought Jesus might have felt during different parts of the story.

Year 1 14.3.22


WB 21.2.22

Welcome back from half term! Year 1 have had a busy week back at school. We have started a new text in English - The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. The children have enjoyed reading the beginning of this book and sharing their thoughts on the Emperor. "The Emperor is vain. He likes clothes more than people. He lives in a big palace." We are excited to find out what happens next in the story. 

In Art we have been looking at Pointillism and the artist Georges Saurat. The children painted in the style of Georges Saurat using cotton buds. 

In Science we began an experiment to see what plants need to grow. We are growing cress in different environments for example, with water, without water, with sunlight and without sunlight. The children are tracking the results and recording the findings in their Science books. 

Year 1 21.2.22


WB 24.1.22

Year 1 have continued our Art unit on sculpture this week. Today we learnt that a model for a sculpture is called a maquette. We used a maquette to then help us sculpt a person sitting down. The sculptures turned out fantastic! 

Year 1 24.1.22



WB 17.1.22

This week Year 1 painted their clay penguins during Art. They look fantastic! We have been reading The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter in English. The children have really enjoyed the story and have been writing super sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have been subtracting in Maths using a number line. In Geography we learnt the four countries of the United Kingdom. We looked at the history of Union Jack flag and we learnt that union means joined together. 

Year 1 17.1.22



WB 10.1.22

Happy New Year! The children have had a super start back to Year 1. We started our Art unit learning that sculpture is a 3D form of Art. The children made their own sculpture of a penguin using clay. The results were superb! 

Year 1 10.1.22



16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Year 1






WB 13.12.21

 This week we made Christingles. We joined in with a virtual Christingle service at Ely Cathedral on Monday afternoon. The children really enjoyed making their Christingles and learning about the symbolic meaning of each element. 

This week we completed a DT project. We practised joining materials together using glue, safety pins and staples. We then designed, made and evaluated hand puppets. We linked this to our English text Hansel and Gretel and the children chose characters from the story. The children completed each step with great independence and they were so proud of their finished creations. I think you will agree they turned out brilliantly! 

Year 1 13.12.21


WB 29.11.21

It's been shape week in maths this week. We have learnt to name and recognise 2D and 3D shapes. During one of our maths lessons we completed a challenge to see which 3D shapes could stack and why. We stacked 3D shapes in lots of different ways and the children realised that the cone and square-based pyramid had to be the last shape stacked at the top of the tower. We also discovered which 3D shapes could roll. We made repeating patterns using 2D and 3D shapes. We enjoyed making pictures with 2D shapes and then telling our partner which 2D shapes we had used and why. Great shape work this week Year 1! 

Year 1 29.12.21



WB 22.11.21

We are artists in Year 1! We have been studying Line and the artist Miro. The children produced large pieces of artwork using primary colours and different lines to create work in the style of Miro. We are super impressed with the finished pieces of artwork. Well done Year 1! 

Year 1 22.11.21



WB 15.11.21

Year 1 had a superb day on our school trip this week! We spent the day at Trues Yard Museum in Kings Lynn. We started off our 'History of Toys' topic by sketching and handling toys from the past. We explored the cottages and completed a scavenger hunt quiz in the museum. Half of the children were allowed to eat their lunch in the tea room! The children behaved brilliantly. We even got to make our own toy to bring home!

Year 1 15.11.21



 WB 1.11.21

Welcome back after half term! We have been very busy this week. In English we have started our new text Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne. We have enjoyed looking at the first couple of pages and the children have already decided that the stepmother from the story is 'rude, unkind, evil and terrible!' 

In Maths we have been learning our number facts to 10. Using a tens frame and counters the children have shown a great understanding of the systematic methods for number facts to 10. Year 1 have produced some fantastic work in their Maths books this week. 

Year 1 1.11.21



WB 18.10.21

This week Year 1 have been learning about primary colours in Art. We studied the artist Piet Mondrian then designed and painted our own pictures in the same style.

Year 1 18.10.21


WB 11.10.21 2021 - 2022

Year 1 have been doing lots of practical Maths this week! We have been learning to use the symbols for greater than, less than and equal to. 

Year 1 11.10.21


WB 27.09.21 2021 - 2022

During our RE lesson last week Year 1 made beautiful collages to showcase the Creation Story. Each child then wrote a sentence about their picture. Some of the children wanted to write sentences for every picture. Brilliant work Year 1! 


Year 1 27.09.21


WB 20.09.21 2021 - 2022

What a great start to Year 1! We have started learning about our senses and our eyes in Science. The children have produced some fantastic work in their Science books.

Year 1 17.09.21



WB 21.6.21 2020 - 2021

Year 1 are continuing our history journey this week. We have been looking at what toys our grandparents might have played with. We were kindly allowed to borrow Jennifer, a doll who is 66 years old! The children were fascinated to hear her story about her breaking her leg 59 years ago and having to visit the doll hospital with the thatched roof on Norwich Road to be mended. We have enjoyed looking at photos sent in of the children playing with toys at different stages of their life. Especially photos of our parents and grandparents playing with their toys. This has been brilliant, thank you. 

We will be continuing our journey this week by comparing old and new toys. 



WB 14.6.21

We completed our RE Judaism unit today with a celebration of everything we have learnt about Shabbat. We set the table, shared challah bread and drank grape juice. We wrote some fantastic prayers and blessings to share with each other. Great RE work today Year 1.


W/B 10.5.21

Year 1 have been learning abut measuring in maths this week. We having comparing lengths of different items as well as measuring. We started using non-standard units including cubes and then moved on to rulers. The children have been able to measure using their rulers very accurately. In English, we have continued our work on non-fiction books and been working out the difference between a fiction and non-fiction books. Forest School this week was full of trails and challenges that we created for each other. Some children worked together to gather wood for the fire and get it started using the fire steels. We then had hot chocolates around the fire. 


W/B 03.05.21 

Year 1 have been working hard this week! We have started a new unit in English where we will be working towards creating our own information booklets so we looked at lots of non-fiction books and picked out the key features. Our Forest School session was a very rainy one this week but that didn't stop us! We were using a memory game to help learn the names of some trees and showing true perseverance in using fire steels to start our own fires. We celebrated the NSPCC Number Day on Friday where we dressed up in clothes with numbers on and played lots of number games. The week finished with a visit from the Improve It partnership to deliver a 'Challenge Yourself' session where we worked in small groups and then as a whole class to complete some physical challenges. 



W/B 26.4.21

In Geography this week the children have been using a compass to find North, East, South and West. We learnt that an aerial view is from above and that things sometimes look different. We used Google Earth to discover what our school playground and surrounding area looked like from an aerial view.  The children drew a map of their journey to school in Elm and included physical and human features such as the church, monument, pond, playground and shop. 

In English Year 1 have been reading the book 'Incredible Me!' by Kathi Appelt. Today the children wrote autobiographies about how spectacular they are. The children used wonderful vocabulary, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their writing. Incredible writing Year 1.  

W/B 19.4.21

Year 1 have had a busy and very active week! We had an exciting Key Skills session for PE where we played games to work on developing our skills for games such as running. We also hosted  class talent show where we showcased our amazing skills such as colouring, football and jumping! This was to introduce our new book 'Incredible Me' for our English lessons. This week we also had our first Forest School session. As it was someone's birthday, we made nature party hats! We also did lots of den building which involved team work and negotiation skills.