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Elm C of E Primary School



Year 2

W.B 14.11.22

This week we put the finishing touches to our Matisse Masterpieces, ready to share in our class assembly this Friday. We have had so much fun making our own 'cut-outs' just like Matisse and learning with great interest how and why he did this. We really enjoyed making all the important decisions for ourselves, from the range of different organic shapes to use to our choice of colours for the background and the shapes.


W.B 07.11.22

We have been recalling the points of the compass from our Year 1 learning and developing our directions in Geography. We have directed each other on the playground using geographical language, to reach a final destination. We have also used and applied our knowledge and skills to locate key places in Elm on a range of maps. We have made poppies for our classroom window this week, as 'In November, we Remember.' 


October 2022

In Science, we are learning about the human body. We have pieced skeletons together, ensuring that all the bones are in the right places. We have also been learning about the crucial role that muscles play. Look out for our learning quiz in our class assembly coming up next month!



September 2022

Year 2 have settled in brilliantly to their new year group, learning new routines and becoming a real team. We have enjoyed developing our colour-mixing skills in Art lessons over several weeks, making both Primary and Secondary colours. We have talked about 'warm' and 'cool' colours and created circles of each, before combining these as a class into our own representation of 'Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles.' This is our work on display in the school hall. We think it looks amazing and the children are so proud of their work.

W.B: 7th March

This week we have been thinking about structures. We watched the giant crane lift the materials to make the roof on a house being built next door to the school, which is fitting in perfectly with our topic 'Home Sweet Home!' In DT we experimented with different shapes to create a strong base which could hold a heavy load. We discovered that the cylinder worked well out of a range of shapes, so we worked together to make a huge class base. It held all of our pencil cases, then book bags and some of us could even sit on it! We will use this knowledge to make our own structures in DT next week.



WB: 28th February

On Thursday this week it was World Book Day, so Year 2 children and staff dressed up as their book characters for the day. Everyone had an opportunity to discuss their favourite character or book and what was clear was our love for reading! We took part in lots of book-related activities and visited the Reception children to share stories with them. We also took part in the Wisbech Reads Poetry Festival on Friday, joining lots of other local schools virtually to create our own poems with Mark Grist. A week filled with wonderful words!




W.B: 21st February

Our History learning was literally 'brought to life' this week when we found out how the Great Fire of London started. Beyond this, we experienced the different jobs of everyday Londoners of 1666, learning new skills. What a fantastic day full of learning!





7th February

Continuing with our Science theme, this week we investigated solids and liquids. We observed carefully as liquids changed their shape according to that of the container they were being poured into. We knew that water can be a liquid but it can also be a solid. In our learning we discovered that when water is frozen and it is very cold, the atoms in the water cannot move around. As the water warms, the atoms can move around more freely, and as ice melts it changes from a solid to a liquid. We had great fun learning with the water and ice cubes!



31st January

In our Science learning we have been investigating the properties of materials. We pulled, squeezed, twisted and stretched a variety of materials and then put all of our findings into a table. We then used this to see if our predictions were correct and to reach agreement as a class, as to the different properties we discovered.




W.B 24th January

In our RE learning about Judaism this week, we found out about the Seder meal. We realised that each of the foods on this special plate had a symbolic meaning associated with the Passover and the story of Moses leading the exodus out of Egypt. We found each of these foods to add to our own picture plates and discussed the significance and meaning of each. We added our learning to our class RE board.


W.B 17th January

We had great fun finding out about a brilliant material in Science this week..... Velcro! The inventor George de Mestral used his knowledge of materials and their properties to design a product that has made our lives much easier today, from the Velcro on our shoes to that on our clothes and book bags. We had great fun looking at Velcro up close and testing it's properties. We knew it was strong and we described the noise it made as everything from "amazing!" to "annoying and horrible!" but we all agreed it was a great invention!



W.B 10th January

Year 2 have had a great week, especially starting our new learning in History. We discovered that this continues from our learning last term, where we found out that Elizabeth I didn't have an heir, so the crown went to her cousin James I, who was also James VI of Scotland! We found out about this 'Union of the Crowns' and discovered that James I believed in the 'Divine Right of Kings.' What exciting learning!


16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Year 2



Week beginning 29.11.21

Year 2 have been absolutely fascinated by our learning about life in Tudor times and the Tudor monarchs. Linked to our overarching theme, we have discovered just how very difficult it was 'Staying Alive' over 500 years ago! We have learned many facts about this significant period in history and developed our understanding of what life was like for many different people at the time. Many parents have enjoyed discussing their own knowledge about this period in time with us and have let us know that they now know even more, thanks to the great discussions about learning in school, at home.



Week beginning 22.11.21

In our PE lessons we have been exploring 'Points of Contact' through developing our own controlled positions and sequences. This week, we took this a step further and worked together in teams. We co-operated so well with our friends to practise and refine our positions and sequences and we gave each other valuable feedback to improve these yet further. What brilliant teamwork!



 Week beginning 15.11.21

This week was Anti-Bullying and Road Safety Awareness Week in school and Year 2 were busy with a range of activities which explored these themes. We thought about who were our Road Safety Heroes and explored the theme of 'One Kind Word.' In our class we have written a Friendship Code together and all signed it to show how important it is to us. We have this on display in our classroom to show how kind and thoughtful we are to each other and we always try to show this throughout the school day.


Week beginning 08.11.21

In Year 2 we have continued with Brain Breaks throughout the day to calm and refocus our minds. Year 2 children are absolutely fantastic at this and their understand the benefits to their sense of wellbeing and learning. We all picked an image that we liked linked to Brain Break and described how this makes us feel. We put all these positive feelings on display in our class 'Calm Corner' which is also a lovely place to sit and enjoy reading a book quietly.

Week beginning 01.11.21

What a fantastic start to the week we had in Year 2! In Art we have been learning about Henri Matisse and his Cut Outs from paper, that he worked on in his later years. We looked at Matisse's work and then had a go at creating our own masterpieces! We mixed our own primary and secondary colours before making our own cut outs and creating our own unique designs. These look amazing on display in our classroom!




Week beginning 18.10.21

We were amazed to discover this week that the cress in the dark cupboard actually grew really tall without light! However, we could all see that the plant didn't look too healthy with its yellow leaves, compared with the cress that had light. We have been busy recording our results over time and discussing what we can learn from these. We observed really carefully so that we could record our results with accuracy.




Week beginning 11.10.21

As part of our plants learning in science, we planned and carried out an investigation this week to discover what seeds need to germinate. We have predicted what we think will happen to cress seeds grown under different conditions, involving water and light. We will watch over the coming days to discover whether the plants will grow healthily, if and when they germinate. We are very excited in particular to see what happens to the ones in the cupboard under the classroom sink!


Week beginning 04.10.21

We had a lot of fun learning how to give accurate directions this week! Continuing with the development of our geographical skills, we used the points of the compass to locate local features such as the church and the post office shop on maps. We then gave directions to each other on the playground, making sure that our instructions were precise enough to reach a particular destination. We had to speak clearly and listen carefully to one another at all times.



Week beginning 27.09.21

This week Year 2 children received a letter from Jack, asking for our help. It seems that Jack has been in trouble with the giant for stealing his golden goose  ('Jack and the Beanstalk') and now he wants Year 2 children to let him know if we spot the giant so that he can hide! We have had some very in depth discussions as to whether Jack or the giant are right or wrong and have written back to Jack to let him know our decision. Please be sure to let us know if you spot either of them!


Week beginning 20.09.21

As part of our Geography unit, we have been developing our mapping skills this week. Building on from our learning in Year 1, we mapped the school site and created aerial views from above. We compared our maps with aerial photos and developed our understanding of the importance of including a key to help with map reading. Our future mapping activities in Geography will explore the wider locality of Elm and its physical and human features and onwards towards Wisbech. We will link this learning to our science activities, discovering what is grown in the local fields for us to eat and where we can buy this food from.



Week beginning 13.09.21

This week Year 2 made the most of the lovely weather to get out and about in our science learning. Our topic this term is 'Staying Alive' and the study of plants is a significant part of this, so we went exploring in the school grounds to see what we could find. We were amazed at the huge variety of different plants around us, from those we can eat to those we shade beneath! We kept a record of our findings to discuss and compare back in the classroom.



Week beginning 06.09.21

What a fantastic start all the children have had to Year 2! It seems such a long time since their Year 1/2 Transition Day back in July and now all the children are settled and ready for their Year 2 learning in September. It has been a pleasure to start the Year 2 journey with the children and to meet many parents and carers this week and last. We are looking forward to a great year ahead!


Week beginning 12.07.21

On Thursday in PE we enjoyed jogging around the field and sprinting on the track. We worked hard to improve our running in terms of perseverance, technique and pace. We had a great time supporting and encouraging each other and achieving our very best.



Week beginning 05.07.21

We had a wonderful visit to a place 'Where the Land Meets the Sea' on Thursday this week! We mapped the route from seeing amazing underwater creatures at the Sealife Centre, past Henry's statue, the sites of the old station and old pier and onwards to the beach and cliffs of Old Hunstanton. The visit really enhanced our topic learning this term, with the children demonstrating their knowledge and skills and learning even more along the way!



Week beginning 28.06.21

In our English lessons we have written some fantastic shape and calligram poems, linked to our theme of the sea. We worked hard to create and publish our poems on the page for the reader to enjoy. We are very proud of the final results!



Week Beginning 21.06.21

We have been learning about fractions this week. From ordering fractions to finding equivalent fractions, from using mathematical words such as 'whole', unit' and 'denominator' to describe fractions to working with fractions of both shapes and numbers, we have all worked hard to build our learning and understanding.




Week beginning 14.06.21

This week we continued to develop our throwing and catching skills in PE, so that we can use these when we work together in team games this term. We challenged ourselves to be faster and more accurate each time and had lots of fun along the way!



Week beginning 07.06.21

We have reached the ocean in our topic 'Where the Land Meets the Sea' and it's been quite a journey! This week in history we discovered that Hunstanton used to have both a railway and a pier by looking at some wonderful old photographs. We also found clues from the past that remain in the town today.



Week beginning 24.05.21

We enjoyed our final Forest Schools session for the term this week, adding more skills to our passports. We considered animal habitats to make nests for birds and shelters for other creatures that use the Wild Space. We have learnt so much about teamwork, co-operation and negotiation whilst enjoying the outdoors. The children have shared their ideas in the fire circle,  loved singing outside and learning together.





Week beginning 17.05.21

This week we have read and enjoyed 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. We then made our own Green Ship in Wild Space and described it in our writing. We will be refining and making improvements to this to share very soon!

We enjoy our computing lessons each week, developing our skills and sharing our understanding.




Week beginning 10.05.21

Year 2 have continued to develop their mapping skills, adding symbols and keys to aerial maps and views. Practical, fun maths activities have supported and developed our number skills further, following on from Number Day last Friday.



Week beginning 03.05.21

Year 2 enjoyed participating in a wide range of fun and energetic  'Challenge Yourself' activities this week! We also worked together in teams, co-operating and supporting each other to meet our challenge goals.



Week beginning 26.04.21

We have been developing our mapping skills in and around the school, as part of our Geography unit 'Spatial Sense.'

We will progress from the school and locality of Elm, towards Wisbech, then towards Kings Lynn. Finally, it will be onwards to Hunstanton as part of our topic 'Where the Land Meets the Sea.'



Week beginning: 19.04.21

In Wild Space this week we learned to tie knots, another important skill to add to our Forest Schools passports.



Week beginning 12.04.21

Year 2 had a great start back to the new term, testing and evaluating our vehicles that we had designed and built just before the holiday. We thought about what went well and how we could improve our vehicles to make them even better!