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 Year 3 2021-2022

      Week Beginning 20th June 2022

Year 3 have worked really hard this week and completed maths assessments. We have been super pleased with our scores and Mrs Broda-Kaye has been impressed with how our confidence has grown. In English we have been planning our story about Wiglaf and Beowulf's battle with the devil-dragon. We've used a wide range of sentence types and vocabulary to engage the reader. In Science, we have been investigating our bodies in more detail. We have investigated the nervous system and looked at the central and main organ- the brain. We completed some excellent pieces of work. For our Topic lessons, we have been looking at how the Vikings lived and what each family member had to do to maintain the farm and home. Another fantastic week. 




     Week Beginning 13th June 2022

A beautiful sunny week this week. Even with the hot weather Year 3 have still been very busy. In Maths, we have been looking at angles. We investigated acute, obtuse and right angles. Mrs Broda-Kaye showed us a silly rhyme to help us remember each angel. In English we have been busy planning our story about Beowulf and his final battle with the dragon beast. We have looked carefully at the vocabulary Michael Morpurgo uses such as perilous, savage and spewing flames. We then began to draft our beginning section of the story and worked hard on including the new vocabulary. In Science, we have been working on our bodies, particularly our skeleton. Our bodies have 206 bones in our body and our rib bones protect our organs. We then found the smallest bone, the stirrup (ear) and the largest bone the femur (leg). On Friday we then completed our Year 3 presentation to our parents. 




    Week Beginning 6th June 2022

Year 3 have had a very busy and sporting week! On Tuesday we had a special visitor that showed us some dance routines. We had great time following the dance routines and used a lot of energy. On Wednesday we had a special visit from Rob Richardson, who showed us how to play sitting volleyball. We had great fun and enjoyed playing with a large beachball. It get very competitive! In History, we have been looking at the Vikings and how they came to England and why. In Geography, we have been looking at Scandinavia and linked this to the Vikings. We found out the Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia, so we quizzed our parents and carers. In Maths, we have amazed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our hard work in completing our time challenges. 




     Week Beginning 23rd May 2022 

For the last week of the half term, we have been working really hard on time and solving problems using the mini clocks. We have amazed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our accuracy at making time to 5 minutes past, 10 minutes past etc. In English we wrote a gruesome description about the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. We wrote in depth about how Grendel's arm was ripped off and the emotions felt by Beowulf. For PSHE, we have been working on adulthood and how our responsibilities change as we get older. In History, we wrote about the Anglo-Saxons and completed our assessment, adding in lots of historical facts. In Art, we have been busy drawing an artefact that was discovered at Sutton Hoo. We then painted our final drawings. A fantastic week. 




      Week Beginning 16th May 2022 

This week Year 3 we have been working on time in maths. We have revised o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and used mini clocks to make different times. We have used these skills to then solve time problems. In English, we have been working on our Beowulf work. We have read the gruesome battle that took place between Beowulf and Grendel and then read an example of a diary entry. Using the example, we then discussed and identified simple, compound, and complex sentences. In RE, we have been looking carefully at God's Kingdom and what God would want Earth to look like. We discussed and read out the Lord's prayer and highlighted words that we felt were powerful and meaningful. In PE, we have been working on our tennis skills with Mr Lester and looked at how to complete a strong accurate serve. To complete our Geography unit, Mrs Broda-Kaye set us the challenge of completing our own 3D cities. We had to include a water source, infrastructures and nature.





     Week Beginning 9th May 2022

Year 3 have produced some excellent examples of equivalent fractions this week using bar models. We have carefully coloured in each bar to represent a fraction and then compared them. We have found out that a half is larger then one third and one quarter. On Tuesday we went to West Stow and looked at different artefacts that were discovered there, dating back to the Anglo-Saxons. After lunch we then looked around the Anglo-Saxon village. We went inside the homes and looked at what life would have been like for them. We all really enjoyed the trip and discovered lots of interesting facts! On Wednesday we impressed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our recounts of the trip. We added lots of detail about what we enjoyed and used time connectives. In PE we have been working on our robotic machine dances. We have worked well in our groups and created some really interesting robotic moves. 






     Week Beginning 2nd May 2022

Even though we have had a short week, Year 3 have worked really hard. In Maths, we have been working on fractions and looking at equivalent fractions. We used fraction walls and coloured in bar models to help us see how the fractions are equal. In English, we have amazed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our fantastic biographies about Michael Morpurgo. We used paragraphs to group our facts and kept our writing in the past tense. In Science, we have looked at life cycles of animals and linked this to the seasons. We have enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons this week. We have also investigated the Picts and investigated Hadrian's Wall. 





   Week Beginning 25th April 2022

Year 3 have had an amazing first full-week back. We have been working hard in maths, finding fractions of an amount. Using counters, we were able to share our the counters equally then work out what 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of that amount would be. In English, we have been completing an explanation text linking to our science topic 'cycles.' Mrs Broda-Kaye was amazed with our understanding on what needed to be included. Our writing had; an introduction, a rhetorical question, sub-headings, specific vocabulary and diagrams with labels. In Science and PSHE, we have looked at the human life cycle and were amazed to find out that we were once the size of a full stop! In PE we have been working on our 'machine' dance, so many of us have included robotic movements to the beat of the music. 







    Week Beginning 18th April 2022

Year 3 would like to welcome everyone back and we hope you all had a lovely Easter break. We have begun the Sumer term by looking at Cycles in Science. We have investigated the seasons and how these impact on plant life. In DT, we have begun our designs for our cushions. We have thought about the fabric choice and what stitching we will use. Mrs Broda-Kaye wanted us to included accurate measurements too, so that our cushions are big enough. We have continued fractions in maths and on Friday Mrs Broda-Kaye gave us some fraction games to complete. We had to really think about how many pieces make a whole and what 8 tenths looks like as a decimal. Our new book this term is Beowulf. We have started reading the first chapter and discovered a gruesome beast named Grendal. We have made a prediction about the story. A brilliant first few days back. 





     Week Beginning 28th March 

Year 3 have had a successful last week of term. We have worked really hard with our fraction work and completed a range of challenges relating to this. In History, we amazed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our knowledge of the Romans. We wrote a detailed piece about the Punic Wars, Julius Caesar, Boudicca and how the Empire fell. In PSHE, we have discussed about the importance of sleep and how we should go to bed at a good time to allow our brains to re charge. On Thursday, we had the Pride of Elm event and we had to opportunity to complete the wall climbing challenge. Some of us reached the top! To finish our week we sang our Easter songs at the church service. Year 3 would like to wish everyone a safe an lovely Easter break. 




     Week Beginning 21st March 

Year 3 have been really busy this week. We have been continuing our work on fractions and looked at thirds, quarters and halves. We have noticed that is is important to look at how many sections are shaded out of the whole shape. In History, we have discovered the bravery of Boudicca and how she fought the Romans. We completed a description on Boudicca before completing a WANTED poster, saying all the reasons why the Romans wanted her to be killed. In PSHE, we have been looking at famous athletes and how they would train to be successful. We then linked this to our fitness and spoke about how we keep our bodies fit and healthy. In Art we have been re-creating our own sketches of the Hagia Sofia. We have the used our colour mixing skills to paint them. 





    Week Beginning 14th March 2022

This week we have started to work on fractions. Using shapes, we have looked to see of shapes have been divided into equal parts. We now know that all sections have to be split into equal parts in order to be part of a fraction. In English, Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with our letter that we wrote, acting as Lila. We explained in detail why Lila left home and added in lots of emotion. We laid out our letters, making sure the address is in the top right corner. For our Science week, we had a visit from the planetarium. We found out some interesting facts about Jupiter and Saturn. We then looked at the night sky images and found the North Star was the brightest. For our science week, we then completed a firework in a jar experiment and created a rainbow using skittles. 






     Week Beginning 4th March 2022

This week we have been working on measurements in maths. We have accurately measure items in and around our classroom and then converted these into m and cm. In English we have spent the week drafting our letters to Lalchand (Lila's father). We have discussed the emotions for our letters and explained to her father why Lila left home. Mrs Broda-Kaye has been amazed at how well we have portrayed ourselves as Lila. In PSHE, we have been looking at healthy eating and then discussed what different foods to for our bodies. We have looked at how fitness helps our mental health, as well as our physical health. Our DT project this week has been exciting, as our final 3D pantheons are forming. We have also looked at the structure of the dome and pillars/columns. In Science, we have investigated convex and concave mirrors and why these are so useful to drivers.  For PE this week, we have been adding the finishing touches to our space dance. We have really impressed Mrs Broda-Kaye with our finish positions. Swimming has been successful this week and many of us swam at the deep end! 





      Week Beginning 28th February 2022

Year 3 have worked really hard this week. In maths, we have been working on measurement and converting units of measure. We have found that using our 10 times tables has been extremely helpful when changing and converting the units of measure. We have then had the challenge of drawing lines a certain length. When Mrs Broda-Kaye came over to check, she was amazed with our accuracy. In English, we have been looking at formal and informal letters. We then had the task of writing an informal letter using 'chatty' language. In Science, we then completed our light task. In our classroom, we discovered different transparent and opaque items. We then talked about how light is absorbed,  transmitted through objects and reflected by others. World Book Day was a huge success and we completed many activities linked to the day. We shared our favourite books and listened to some famous authors do a live-stream read. A busy and productive week! 





      Week Beginning 21st February 2022

What an amazing first week back! We have been working on statistics and creating tally charts, bar chart and completing table information. We have worked really hard on finding the difference of amounts and remembered to use our column addition and subtraction skills. In English, we have been looking at using complex and compound sentences. Once we had identified the differences, we then created our own linked to our story 'The firework-Maker's daughter.' In RE we have investigated the Easter Story and looked at how the cross symbolises Christianity. In Science, we have looked at our new topic of light. We then completed a task on natural and man-made light sources. We really enjoyed our History lesson on the Punic Wars. We found out that the Romans burnt the entire city of Carthage and then covered it in salt! We really enjoyed this lesson and produced some excellent work. Our DT project of a 3D Pantheon are forming nicely too! A fantastic learning week! 




        Week Beginning 7th February 2022

Year 3 have been extremely bust this week completing their assessments. We have worked hard to complete a reading assessment, which Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with. In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting amounts and finding change. We have used the column methods to support us. We made sure we wrote a pound symbol in our answer. In History, we have completed our assessments and amazed our teacher. We have compared Rome to Italy in Geography and included lots of factors, such as, rivers, population, language and climate. On Friday, we had Online Safety and completed a range of activities. We know lots of top tips on how to keep safe online. Have a lovely half term! 





        Week Beginning 31st January 2022

Year 3 have had an exciting week! In Maths, we began a new unit on Money. We discussed and used our times tables to count the amounts. Using our 2, 5 and 10 times tables were useful when adding up the pounds and pence. By counting 2p's we then made the connection that we can count in 20's to find the total of 4x £20 pound notes. In Geography, we compared London and Rome. Using the internet we found that London has the larger population. On Tuesday we had a very special day. It was Roman Day! We came into school dressed as Romans and enjoyed a range of different activities, from wax book making to forming a Roman Legion. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a banquet with different Italian foods and carried out drama performances and dancing to entertain our guests. 







     Week Beginning 24th January 2022

Year 3 have worked super hard this week and been working on multiplication and division. Our Friday challenge was to complete a 'how many ways' task and this enabled us to use our times table questions. In History, we completed a diary entry as a roman- looking at the what entertainment we would have visited especially the different Roman baths! We included trading near the Forum of pots, foods and clothing. In English, we have investigated similes. We had the challenge of colour coding the similes that best suited Lila and Razvani. We then wrote some similes for our characters from the book The Firework-Maker's daughter. In PSHE, we have spoken about managing risks. We shared ideas on how we would deal with risks and who is a 'safe stranger.' We then completed a 999 phone call and modelled this in class. 






       Week Beginning 17th January 2022

Year 3 have worked really hard this week. In Maths, we have been looking at multiplying and dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We have worked really hard on this and worked through the challenges using equipment to support us. In English, we wrote our final set of instructions and included rhetorical questions to engage our reader. We have used sub headings and looked carefully at using time connectives. In Geography, we looked at Western Europe and looked at how we trade goods. We found out what export and import means and how trade supports the countries to thrive. For our DT project, we have been working on creating our own Pantheon. We have started to create our base and outer building. Another fantastic week! 



         Week Beginning 10th January 2022

We have had a busy first full week back. Year 3 have been working on instructions writing this week in English. We have been working on rhetorical questions and use of time connectives. We have then created our own rhetorical question that we can include in our instructions. In Maths, we have been working on multiplying 2 digit number by 1 digit. Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with how we used the equipment to support our working out when partitioning the tens and ones. We are going to continue this next week.  In Science, we have been investigating friction. We used ramps and looked at what surfaces increase and reduces the speed of the car and how this is linked to friction. For our History this week, we have been investigating the Roman Empire. We discovered that Patricians were extremely wealthy and had a lot of power! In RE, we have discussed God as being a creator and shared our favourite parts of our planet. For PE this week MRs Broda-Kaye got us to do a moon-run. We really liked having to change our body shapes into star, half moons and full moon! Another exciting learning week! 




      Week Beginning 5.1.2022

Happy New Year! Year 3 have settled back into learning and we are excited about our new topics this term. In History, we have looked at the Roman Empire and how many countries were invaded by the Romans. We studied the story of Romulus and Remus, which led to how Rome was founded. Some of us were quite shocked at how the twin bothers behaved! In Maths we have continued our work on multiplication and division. We have found that singing our times tables has helped us. Using counters and our times table squares have also supported us to problem solve. In RE, we revisited the Creation story and mapped out the main events. We then discussed the importance of Sundays to Christians and why we should reflect and rest on this day. Mrs Broda-Kaye has been really impressed with our reading skills this week. We have predicted and began reading our new text, 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter.' 



     16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Year 3

We have had a super busy week completing our Soils Badge and investigating why soil is at rick. In maths, we have continued our work on multiplication and division and focused on the groups of amounts. We have looked very closely at the relationship between multiplication and division. In RE we looked at God and the trinity. We discussed what the trinity is and what shows Jesus as having human skills and those stories that show Jesus to have Godly powers. 

To end our week we had a fun afternoon celebrating our hard work and completing Christmas themed activities. Year 3 would like to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. 




 Week Beginning 6th December 2021 

A very busy learning week has been taking place in Year 3! In Maths, we have been working on our multiplication and division skills and using these to form number families. This has supported us in seeing the relationship between division and multiplication. In English, we produced a narrative using speech marks. Mrs Broda-Kaye was amazed with how accurate we are starting to become. Our PSHE lessons this half term have been about 'online activity.' We have looked in detail at how to keep safe online and what to do if we are unsure. To complete our Geography unit, we produced a brochure leaflet to persuade Mrs Broda-Kaye to visit the South West and why. In DT, we have looked at seasonal foods and what fruits and  vegetables are grown in each season. We then created a vegetable tart that contained seasonal foods. Some of us really enjoyed the tasting test!





       Week Beginning 29th November 2021 

This week has been full of more learning opportunity. In English, we have been identifying speech in our class reading book 'Stig of the Dump.' We have then used speech bubbles to create a conversation between Stig and Barney, which we then put into speech sentences. Mrs Broda-Kaye reminded us to do 'new line, new speaker' and 'punctuate the speech' which supported us. In Maths, we have been busy dividing using grouping and sharing methods. The counters allowed us to check that the groupings were equal. We have amazed our teacher this week with our division skills. In Religious Education, we have been looking at Christianity and the symbols Christians find important and value. We then created our own version of this and explained why. In PE we showed our Stone Age dance to our peers and then completed some challenging gymnastics moves. A positive learning week! 





      Week Beginning 22nd November 2021

Another exciting and fantastic learning week. In Maths, we have completed our work on addition and subtraction using the column method. We have been exchanging and carrying digits accurately, using estimation to check our calculations. In English, we have been looking at prepositional words and how these help the reader gain more information. We then used prepositional words to write in our sentences. In RE, we looked at the Trinity and what this means to Christians. For our Geography topic, we have been studying the South West. We discovered the famous coastline called the Jurassic coast. This linked to our science, where we spoke about fossils. We wrote how fossils are formed and that they only appear in sedimentary rock. To end our working week, we studied the life of the scientist Mary Anning.  





       Week Beginning 16th November 2021 

Our English this week has amazed Mrs Broda-Kaye and Mrs Betts. We have written a biography about the author Clive King. We discovered that he has sold over 2 million copies of Stig of the Dump! We used paragraphs and included factual information. In maths, we have been working on our column addition and subtraction. The equipment has supported us in seeing the exchanges and carries that needed to be made. We has looked at the value of each digit to ensure we are adding and subtracting these accurately. This week's focus in school has been 'Anti-Bullying.' We have spoken about what bullying is and what different roles people can play. We also discussed what makes people bully and what we can do to ensure we all feel safe and happy in our school and community. We made a list of people that we can talk to if we ever feel upset, scared or worried. In Science, we have been investigating rocks in more detail. Using different samples of rocks, we tested them to see of they were permeable or impermeable. We then completed a table to group the results.  




      Week Beginning 8th November 2021 

Year 3 have had another amazing and very busy week. We have been working really hard on column addition and subtraction in maths. We have used counters and base 10 to see how we carry and exchange tens. This has then helped us to understand how to use the column method. Mrs Broda-Kaye has been really impressed with our understanding. In English we have been working hard on paragraphs. Using a paragraph planning sheet, we have investigated the life of Clive King and made notes. We were shocked to hear that Clive King had travelled the word in the Navy! In Topic we looked at the Bronze Age and Stone Age. We discovered that the Bronze Age had round graves and the Stone Age used a rectangular shape. We then used rubber skeletons to make our own graves. This Thursday marked Remembrance day. We stood silent for 2 minutes and spent time investigating what the poppy symbolises. We discovered that the green leaf is pointing up to represent 11 o'clock. We then spoke about how the British Legion supports our soldiers and their families. Mrs Broda-Kaye was really pleased with how respectful we were. 





          Week Beginning 1st November 2021 

The first week back has been an exciting one! We have been working on addition and subtraction and using equipment to support us. We have been exchanging 100 to 10 tens and then subtracting these from 3 digit numbers. In English, we have been working on apostrophes- looking at words that use an apostrophe for contraction and words that use apostrophes for possession. Mrs Broda-Kaye set us a challenge to group different words into two groups; contraction apostrophes and possession apostrophes. In Science, we have started our new 'Rock' unit. We looked at different rocks and described them. We also discovered that a geologist is someone who studies rocks. In topic, we have been studying the Bronze Age. On Wednesday, we went on a trip to Flag Fen and sat in a Bronze Age round house. We had artefacts to study, made a clay pre-historic pot, walked through time to see the Bronze Age causeway, and had a camp fire with a legendary story! 






           Week Beginning 18th October 2021

We have had another amazing learning week. In Maths, we have been adding 3 digit numbers and looking at amounts that cross tens and hundreds. We used counters and base ten to support our learning. In English we have been working on the homophones "your" and "you're" and applying these to sentences. Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with our accuracy. In Art we have been looking at the use of lines and how shading can create a 3D effect. We drew and shaded some fruit and then created a 3D sketch of our hands. To end our half term we completed our art unit and created printing blocks. Using ink, we then printed our patterns linking to our farming unit. 






       Week Beginning 11th October 

Mrs Broda-Kaye has been really impressed with our hard work this week. In English w have been writing our final diary entry. We included our 'top ten vocabulary' and wrote in the first person consistently. Our teacher was really impressed with our diary entries. In maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We have used our number bonds to 10 and 20 to support us in solving more complex numbers. To support our learning we have been using a range of equipment such as; base 10, number lines and 100 square to support us. In Science, we have been working hard on Plants and we were set an assessment challenge. We drew and labelled flowering plants and wrote about pollination, germination, seed dispersal and George Carver. To link to our topic work, we have been creating a Stone Age dance routine in small groups. We have been listening carefully to how and when the music changes and adapted our movements to support this. In Geography we researched different things to do in our Region. We discovered that some of us live in the county of Cambridgeshire, and some of us live in the county of Norfolk.  






         Week Beginning 4th October 

Year 3 have had another successful week. We are completing more tasks within the time given and Mrs Broda-Kaye has been really impressed with our presentation. We have worked hard in our whole class reading sessions and shared some thoughtful points. In English, we have been using expanded noun phrases and have used some beautiful vocabulary- horrifying, abandoned, glistening and beaming. In Maths, we have been looking at addition and using our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 to support us completing larger calculations. In Science we did some research about a botanist called George Carver and discovered that he was born a slave! We looked at Black History and what slavery was. We discovered that George Carver told farmers to rotate their crops in their fields to allow the soil nutrients to re-develop as the cotton plants were taking all the nitrogen. Another exciting learning week! 





      Week Beginning 27th September 

Year 3 have had an amazing week full of fascinating learning opportunities. In English, we have been completing our Harvest poetry and working hard on writing them up neatly. In Maths we have been working on comparing and ordering numbers. The children have looked really carefully at how we order the digits and their values. In Topic we have been looking at the Stone Age and the life of farming. The most exciting part of our week has been our trip to Denny Abbey! We investigated Farming, eel catching, bread making, diary and metal work and made windmills! The children really liked looking at the family home and asked some excellent questions. Another fantastic learning week. 




    Week Beginning 20th September 

The children have been working really hard this week and completed 10 more, 100, more, 10 less and 100 less. We have been using our resources and equipment to complete the maths challenges. In English we have been busy working on our diary entries. We have looked at using adjectives to further describes the different settings the character visits. Some of us used magical, magnificent, stony and creepy to describe the cave and forest. In Topic we have been working on Stonehenge and we created a sketch of Stonehenge using our art topic of lines. Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with our final sketches. 




     Week Beginning 13th September 

The children have worked fantastically hard this week in all subjects. In maths, we have been working on number lines and looked at the interval patterns. We have been finding the missing intervals and working out the number patterns to then complete the tasks. Some of us have worked in 1,000's! In English, we have carried on working on our class book 'Stone Age Boy' and have been looking at the features of a diary entry. We have investigated new meaning of new words by using dictionaries. In History, we have looked at the Stone Age in more detail and leant the meaning of Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. The children researched the 'Cheddar Man' skeleton and we found out that he is the oldest skeleton to ever be discovered. In Science, the children have been experimenting with celery and food colouring. It helped them understand how plants absorb the water and minerals they need to grow. Another fantastic week for Year 3!



     Week Beginning 6th September 

The children have settled back into school really well. We have been so busy with all our new topics and subjects. In English, we have been looking at our new book 'Stone Age Boy' and we spent this week making a predication about what we think we happen in the story. In Maths, we have been looking at place value and looking at hundreds, tens and ones. We even extended our learning and began looking at thousands and how we can make this using base 10 equipment.  In Topic, we have been looking at the Stone Age. The children have worked super hard and we talked about the Paleolithic Stone Age and even had some artefacts that arrived at school! The children were amazed by the megalodon tooth fossil. A super first full week back.






 Year 3 2020-2021

     Week Beginning 12th July 2021

This week we have been working really hard in Science. We have created an excellent assessment on 'Nature of Cycles' and Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed with all our knowledge- we even showed our parents after school! We have moved on to our next science unit 'Our Bodies' and made some 3D models of skeletons. We have looked at our teeth and the job of saliva. We also had a Speed Stacking afternoon and we really enjoyed using the large stacking cups. In Maths, we have been working on Shapes and Mass and the children have worked particularly hard on reading the scales and working out the intervals. To end our week, we then had move up day and got to meet our new teacher and adults that will be supporting us next academic year. We discussed our thoughts about heading into Year 4 and completed different activities. 






      Week Beginning 5th July 2021

Year 3 have had another busy and educational week. We have spent time in English looking at spelling patterns especially when looking at plurals. In maths we have been looking at angles and been working on identifying acute, obtuse and right angles. The children have worked really hard on this. In Science, we have been looking at cycles. We have investigated the season cycles, plant cycles and life cycles. We found out some really interesting facts on how tadpoles change to frogs and this is called metamorphosis. 

All that is left to say for this week is........ COME ON ENGLAND!! 






     Week Beginning 28th June 2021

We have been extremely busy this week completing our assessments. We have made Mrs Broda-Kaye, Mrs Evans and Miss Davison very pleased with our determination and concentration this week. In Topic, we have been so busy completing our Viking Long-ships. We found some parts quite difficult but we worked really hard on supporting each other and they have turned out amazing! In reading, we have made great progress and some of us have read over 150,000 words! A super hard-working week in Year 3!






   Week Beginning 21st June 2021 

This week we have worked really hard to write up our trip and explain all the different activities we have been doing. We spent time adding detail and we included excellent time connectives to our writing. In maths, we have worked on time and used the mini clocks to support us. We drew and cut out clocks and then challenged our partner to tell us the time we had made. We have even extended our learning to look at the 12 hours and 24 hours times and how these are written digitally. We also had some special visitors that taught us some Paralympics games. We had great fun doing blind bowling and wheelchair volleyball! In Topic, we have been busy planning and designing a Viking Long ship which we are now beginning to create. Next week we will show you our finished designs! 








     Week Beginning 14th June 2021 

We had the excitement of a trip to Stibbington this Friday and we braved the rainy weather. The children shared their excellent knowledge of the Vikings and then completed; clay long ships, weaving, braiding, nature sculpting and wrote their names in the 'Ruin Alphabet.' In maths, the children have completed work on time and we've used clocks to support our learning. In Topic, we created a factual writing piece about the Vikings. Mrs Broda-Kaye was super impressed with our knowledge. In PSHE, we have been learning about healthy eating and ways of keeping fit. 





      Week Beginning 7th June 2021

Year 3 have had an amazing first week back. We have continued our work on Fractions and we have worked so hard on adding and subtracting fractions using our fraction wall for support. We then carried out a fraction assessment and Mrs Broda-Kaye was really impressed. In English, we have worked hard to up-level our sentences using a thesaurus. We have found some really high-levelled vocabulary that we hope to include in our final character description. Words like; hideous, podgy, unpleasant and dreadful. 

In History we have started our work on the Vikings and we have really enjoyed this. We have linked our geography work about Scandinavia and found out that the Vikings came from the Scandinavia countries; Norway, Sweden and Denmark We talked about Lindisfarne and the Viking raid on the monastery and how fearless these warriors were. We have also spent an afternoon doing some excellent research and we found even more fascinating facts. 





      Week Beginning 24th May 2021 

Year 3 have ended the half term in a superb way! We began the week creating our newspaper articles about a battle between Beowulf and the gruesome beast Grendel. We used all our skills we have been learning this half term and included quotations, the 5'w paragraph and captions to our articles. Mrs Broda-Kaye was so impressed with them! In Maths, we have become experts at using our fraction wall to compare fractions. We have looked at the pattern of doubling fractions (1/2 to 4/8 to 8/16) and seen that they are all equivalent to a half. In Topic, we have looked at Scandinavia ready for out Viking topic next half term. To finish out amazing week, we have been creating beautiful Anglo-Saxon art pieces using paints. 





    Week Beginning 17th May 2021

We have worked super hard in all our lessons this week. We enjoyed making Anglo-Saxon tools using some natural objects we found in our forest school space. We then discussed how the Anglo-Saxons would use these tools in everyday life. To continue our Anglo-Saxon topic, we then looked at their religious views. We discovered that they were Pagans but then converted to Christianity. In Maths, we have been working super hard on fractions and looking a fractions that are equivalent. We folded strips of paper to prove that 2/8's is the same as 1/4. In RE we have been looking at the importance of sharing and how Sikhs share out the food made in the Langar.  Our worked has super impressed Mrs Broda-Kaye this week.





   Week Beginning 10th May 2021

It has been another fantastic busy week. We have worked really hard on finding fractions of an amount and using the bar-model has really supported us in finding 2/5, 3.7 or 4/9 of an amount. Next week we will continue working on using the bar model to show our working out. In English we have been planning our newspaper article about the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. At the beginning of the week, we looked at the different features of newspaper reports and the looked at the 5 w's needed in our opening paragraph. All these skills and more will be used next week to support our final newspaper article. In History, we have continued to look at the Anglo-Saxons tribes and investigated the life of the Picts and Scots. There has been some fantastic piece of work this week. 




  Week Beginning 4th May 2021

 Even with a four-day week, we have certainly been busy. We have created some fantastic informal letters to Beowulf asking him about his gruesome battle   with Grendel. Our amazing letters have paragraphs, contractions words, descriptive language and we have carefully written the address at the top. In maths,   we have continued our work on fractions, looking at accurately place them on number lines. In Topic we have began our new history unit looking at the Anglo-Saxons. We spoke about when the Romans left and looked at the different 'Anglo-Saxon' kingdoms that were in England. An amazing week! 





    Week Beginning 26th April 2021

Wow! We have had an amazing week. We have investigated the perimeter of our Forest School and then completed some maths challenges. In English, we have been looking at the story of Beowulf and we are planning to write an informal letter to him soon. We spoke about the difference of formal and informal letters this week. We have also started fractions in maths and Mrs Broda-Kaye has been amazed at our work! We have added fractions, created whole numbers and worked out different tenths. It has been a busy and productive week. 



   Week Beginning 19th April 2021

This week we have continued to work on measure. On Monday we went into Forest School and measured different pieces of nature. We have also been busy investigating perimeter and looking at different shapes that all have the same perimeter. Our measurement skills have been really accurate and our teacher has been really impressed! 

In Geography, we had the exciting task to create our own city, town or village but we had to ensure we had the correct facilities. We worked really well to create our 3D models. Most of our designs had rivers or lakes as we know many cities and towns are situated near or around water. We are very excited to continue and finish this piece next week. 



Week Beginning 12th April 2021

To begin our topic 'On the Move', we have enjoyed a week learning about Settlements. We discussed the different settlements and facilities we have in Elm and Wisbech and how these differ. The class all had a vote on where they would like to live. Most of us in class wanted to live near a city as we discovered there are more facilities and activities to enjoy.

In Religious Education, we spoke about who we are to each other. For example, we are sisters, brothers, grand-children, cousins, gymnasts and friends. We created a cube to show that we are one person, with different relations and roles.