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Year 4


We had a big disappointment this Wednesday...we should have been going to Stibbington. Unfortunately, it was cancelled at the last minute, so we couldn't go. We made up for it on Wednesday afternoon by having a class game of rounders. This was a lot of fun. Both teams were playing to win, but there was a positive atmosphere - cheering each other on. Miss Short managed to get one rounder for her team, but Mrs Shinn didn't get any. Everyone came back in in good spirits, having enjoyed an afternoon of exercise, fresh air and team building.



This was our last week of swimming at the Hudson. The whole class has made a lot of progress. For some, this may be becoming more confident in the water, and for others it was swimming a greater distance. Two children were able to swim 5 metres without assistance, eight children managed 10 metres, two children swam 15 metres, a whopping fourteen children swam 25 metres and one child swam an amazing 50 metres. 

This was a great achievement for some of the children. They really pushed their limits and tried their best.



We have come to an extremely difficult section of out dance this week. We only learned 4 new moves. They were interlinked with our partner and very fast. This was a real challenge but by the end of the session, it was starting to look good.

In swimming, everyone is doing very well. We are in groups which helps us develop what we already know and make improvements on it. We are all being very sensible and making sure we change quickly so we get the maximum amount of time in the pool.

In history, we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Wisbech museum has an Egyptian display which is well worth seeing and will be really helpful for the children. If you have some time, a trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge would also be a great idea. The Egyptian section is really worth the trip.



This has been a full and exciting week. On Tuesday, we had our Egyptian Day. I am sure you heard all about it that evening. We spent the morning doing fun and interesting activities, and in the afternoon we put on a mini performance of dance and drama for our Egyptian queen.


On Wednesday was our first swimming session, this was great. Everyone got in the water and tried something new. We have some excellent swimmers in this Year 4 group. I think we will be working hard and making big improvements on top of already very good swimming.



We have started our new unit of work this week. We are studying the Egyptians in history and Africa in geography. On Monday we started our dance. We are reconstructing a dance by a professional dance company. The children did exceptionally well. They are listening and interpreting the music beautifully and have understood the idea that the dance is showing moving images of the paintings and carving made by the Ancient Egyptians.

Please take a look at the dance. It can be found at the following link: 


It looks very fast and very complicated, but I think we can do it!


16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Year 4






Week commencing 6.12.2021

This week we have been working towards our YUNGA Badge. Our area of study is biodiversity which links very nicely to our science for this term. On Monday, we set up two experiments which will need to be observed for a week at least. The first experiment was to find out the effects of acid rain on the environment. We took 6 plants, 2 were our control group and were watered with tap water, 2 were watered with 10% vinegar and 2 were watered with 50% vinegar. We tested 2 types of plants - primroses and pansies. 

We were unsure if we would see any effects within the week, but it has been astounding. 

 Monday watered with 10% vinegar solution.

Monday watered with 50% vinegar

Tuesday watered with 50% vinegar.

Thursday watered with 10% vinegar. The leaves are starting to droop an feel rubbery.

Thursday watered with 50% vinegar. These plants are looking very sad.


Week commencing 22.11.2021

The whole school took part in The Rudolph Run for charity. The children had a good time running around with Arthur Bear. We had lots of envelopes come back to Year 4. So, thank you parents and friends for supporting this good cause.




Week commencing 15.11.2021

It has been anti-bullying week this week. We have done lots of tasks across the week to explore this issue. On Monday, we took part in the live lesson provided by the BBC. This was a springboard for conversations about bullying and what to do if you feel like you are being bullied.



Other tasks we did looked at bullying from the point of view of the target and from the bully. We tried to empathise with the characters from a short video clip (also provided by the BBC) and answer questions about how the characters felt, was it their fault, what could they do about the situation. This was a valuable learning experience and very interesting.


Week commencing 1.11.2021

No photos this week unfortunately. 

We were having some problems on Tuesday afternoon, trying to remember the order that events happened in our history lesson. We went through the information twice and we drew a family tree on the board but it just didn't make sense. We then decided to turn our history lesson into a drama lesson. 

We assigned roles to people in the class and acted out what they did. We found this was fun and helped us to remember who did what and the order that the events happened. 

Henry IV was fighting the French. He died and left his son, Henry V to continue the fighting. Henry V lost a lot of battles and land and became very unhappy and ill. The Duke of York stepped in and pretended to be king until Henry got better, but when Henry was better, the Duke of York didn't want to stop being king so he sent Henry away (exile). When the Duke of York died, his son became king (Edward V). Henry came back and fought Edward and won. Henry was king again and Edward was exiled. Then Edward came back and fought Henry. This time Edward won. He locked Henry in the Tower of London and then had him murdered. 

You see, it must have worked...even I can remember it!



Week commencing 18.10.2021

We have been working on an art project throughout the half term. The final piece is a painting of Ely Cathedral. It is a 3-D image, giving the picture depth and encouraging the children to think about the importance of the foreground, middle ground and background. They are not quite finished yet, but even so, are pretty impressive.


Week commencing 04.10.2021

We have had two very interesting days this week. On Tuesday, we had a visitor in school to teach us about Black History Month. We learned about great leader through history and how their actions had made a difference to the world we live in today. We had a go at some drama and made a short recount of the lives of Mohammad Ali (boxer), Martin Luther King (activist and politician), as well as others. 



The following day was our trip to Ely Cathedral. We did Diamond 9 activities to decide whether we thought Hereward the Wake was a hero or a villain.

We looked at how the stone masons were paid for their work on the Cathedral by the symbols they left on their work. We had a go at designing our own symbols using our initials.


We made a poultice out of dried herbs in the Monastic Medicine workshop. We learned how herbal remedies were used to cure ailments.


Week commencing 20.09.2021

The children did some amazing art work this week. We were studying form and how to make an image have the appearance of being 3-D. The children drew items of fruit and shaded them, they also thought about the shadow the fruit made on the table.



Week commencing 13.09.2021

In history, we are learning about the Norman Conquest. We have been learning about why the Battle of Hastings happened and how it was recorded. We are finding it really interesting. 




In a couple of lessons over the past two weeks, we have found out the Year 4 is quite skillful at model-making. Miss Short thought this was going to be difficult, but the children worked together and helped each other to produce some excellent Motte and Bailey Castle models.

They listened carefully to the instructions, they cut out the shapes accurately, they problem-solved to discover how the pieces would stick together, they used organisational skills to plan and try things out before sticking and they worked as a really good team helping each other.


The teachers were impressed by how they all worked and the skills they have or share to make sure every child had a castle to take home.























Since returning from half term holiday, we have been starting to learn about sound. Rather than beginning it in topic lessons, we have started in English. We are learning how to write about scientific experiments but obviously we have to do experiments in order to write about them. We have done two fun but simple experiments, one was feeling the vibrations in our throat as air passes through our voice box to make sound, and the other was making cups and string telephones. Both of these experiments will help us to understand sound, how it is made and how it travels to our ears. 


This was our first time in wild space today. The children were given three activities. The first one was to find specific plants and do sketches of them, the second was to make a tally chart of plants or animals which could be found in the space, and the third was to develop a greater understanding of compass directions. 

All of these activities are linked to areas of study we have been doing in classes. In geography, the children have been expected to speak about countries and places within those countries using compass directions, and in maths, we have been learning about statistics. 

This was lots of fun and a great learning experience, putting what we have practised in the classroom into other situations and environments.