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Elm C of E Primary School

Year 4

13th December 2022 

 Thank you to all the parents that were able to make our Class Assembly.  I think you'll agree what a vibrant, talented bunch of children you have.  You'd have been able to see their wonderful artwork, finished and hanging in pride of place for all to admire.

This week, the children have been been learning about rooms in school, in French.  They created colourful schools and named all the rooms in French.  Some bussing architects in the making!  They have also just finished their first report of this year, explaining why the Ancient Greeks have such an influence on our lives still today.  Ask they about the Olympics, or what the Ancient Greeks called themselves.

25th November 2022 

This week we have been busy working hard on our art project for this term, ready for our Celebration Assembly.  We have been exploring how paintings look 3 dimensional by using layers.  Year 4 have drawn basic outlines, then cut out the background, middle ground and fore ground and stuck them onto cardboard.  We have then been learning how to mix paint to the colour we see, not the colour we think it should be.  We're really quite excited by our efforts so far, but won't be sharing any photos yet, so that we don't spoil the surprise!

In English, we have finished reading Oliver Twist and have started reading some Greek Myths.  the names are a little tricky, but we are working hard on pronouncing them correctly and loving all the wonderful morals that come with each story.


16th November 2022

Last week we had a fascinating session exploring what the remembrance poppies actually represent.  The children started to understand that whilst the ponies began after World War 1, there have been many conflicts since for various reasons.  Afterwards, we designed out own poppies explaining what the colours represented to us.  The children chose a wide range of many personal reasons, all very heart felt.  We hope you enjoyed our display.

In P.E. this term we have been expanding our gymnastics skills, working in pairs and as part of a team.  They performed a team display today showing a range of balances, turns and rolls.  It's wonderful to have some experienced gymnasts helping pupils that don't have as much experience.