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Elm C of E Primary School


W/B 5/12/22

We have been learning about impressionism in our Art lessons. We have learned about Monet and his use of broken brush strokes and Renoir and his use of complementary colours. 

W/B 28/11/22

We have completed our explanations - Why wouldn't you want to be in the trenches in WW1? We have been trying to use causal connectives as well as vary our sentence structure with subordination. There are many reasons why you wouldn't have wanted to have been in the trenches.....rats.....lice.....stale food and water-logged trenches to name but a few!

November 2022 : 

After our assessments, we have started new units of work. In Science, we are learning about Electrical circuits. Geography has taken us to Eastern Europe and 'The Suffragettes' is our History topic. 

October 2022 : 

We have been reading the novel : The Thousand year old boy by Ross Welford. We have written our own narratives based on the storyline :

Shadows, periscopes and prisms completed our learning about Light : 

In History, we have continued our learning about WW1. We have learned about life on the Home-front and what the consequences of WW1 were. We completed our Geography unit by looking at map projection and GDP. 



September 2022 : 

We have started to learn about WW1 in History. We have explored the reasons why there was a WW1, looked at how the war was fought and what life was like on The Western Front.  In Geography we have been learning about lines of latitude and longitude, time-zones and The phenomenon of Polar Nights. Light has been our focus in Science where we have been learning about how light travels and how we see including the parts of an eye and what they do. We have started to read our English novel : The 1000 year old boy by Ross Welford. 


16.12.21 - Merry Christmas from Year 6



W/B 6th September 2021 

Year 6 have started to think about how light travels in Science this week. 

W/B 13th September 2021 

In History, Year 6 have started to learn about how mechanised warfare made World War 1 a very different war from previous wars.

 W/B 20th September 2021 

This week we have continued to learn about light and WW1. We have completed our place value work.

W/B 27th September 2021

This week we have been investigating what happens when light is refracted by a prism. 


W/B 27th September 2021 



This week we have been revising our addition and subtraction knowledge. 

W/B 4th October 2021 

This week in History, we have been learning about what it would be like on 'The Western Front'.



W/B 11th October 2021 

This week we have completed our science unit by making periscopes. In addition, we thought about how periscopes were useful during WW1. 


W/B 18th October 2021 

This week, Year 6 became 'Mini-medics'.



W/B 1st November 2021

As part of our continued studies in History, Year 6 visited DUXFORD.


 W/B 8th November 2021 

This week we have started our Electricity topic by thinking about what a circuit is. 


 In addition, we were thinking about what the climate is like in Eastern Europe. 


 W/B 15th November 2021 

In Geography, we have been learning about the Physical features of Eastern Europe.



 W/B 22nd November 2021 

We have been reading a class novel called : The 1000 yr old boy by Ross Welford. This week we have been producing some short-burst writing related to the text.


 W/B 29th November 2021 

This week we have completed our Art study on : Islamic Art and Architecture. Here is an example of the geometric patterns we drew and painted, using Indian inks. In addition, we produced a clay tile. Tiles and geometric patterns are both features of Islamic Art. 

 In our World War 2 topic, we have studied two key events : The Battle of Britain and The Blitz.

 W/B 6/12/21

Year 6 have been applying the skills that they learned in Electricity to design and make a 'steady-hand game' as their Design and Technology project. 


W/B 5/1/22

This week Year 6 have started to read 'The Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen. We have been thinking about what 'The Blucher' could be. In science, we have started our 'Classification' topic by thinking about the Five Kingdoms and why organisms are grouped. 

 W/B 10/1/22

This week we have started our new topic 'Amazing America'. In History, we have started to learn about the Ancient Mayan civilisation. In Geography, we have been focusing on the continent of South America. 


 W/B 17/1/22

As part of our 'Amazing Americas', we have started to research Mexican artists. This week we learned about Jose Posada resulting in us sketching our own skulls. In addition, we have looked at the climate across South America and the range of biomes that exist due to this. 




 W/B 21/1/22

This week in Science, we have been looking at Vertebrates and grouping vertebrates according to characteristics. 

In Geography, we have been focusing our learning on the Andes mountains and how they were formed. 

 W/B 31/1/22

This week we have continued our studies into the Ancient Mayans and how they used to live.